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Dispersion-shifted fiber

About: Dispersion-shifted fiber is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 19489 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 320689 citation(s).

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TL;DR: An effective-index model confirms that an all-silica optical fiber made by embedding a central core in a two-dimensional photonic crystal with a micrometer-spaced hexagonal array of air holes can be single mode for any wavelength.
Abstract: We made an all-silica optical fiber by embedding a central core in a two-dimensional photonic crystal with a micrometer-spaced hexagonal array of air holes. An effective-index model confirms that such a fiber can be single mode for any wavelength. Its useful single-mode range within the transparency window of silica, although wide, is ultimately bounded by a bend-loss edge at short wavelengths as well as at long wavelengths.

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Abstract: We demonstrate experimentally for what is to our knowledge the first time that air–silica microstructure optical fibers can exhibit anomalous dispersion at visible wavelengths. We exploit this feature to generate an optical continuum 550 THz in width, extending from the violet to the infrared, by propagating pulses of 100-fs duration and kilowatt peak powers through a microstructure fiber near the zero-dispersion wavelength.

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Abstract: Theoretical calculations supported by numerical simulations show that utilization of the nonlinear dependence of the index of refraction on intensity makes possible the transmission of picosecond optical pulses without distortion in dielectric fiber waveguides with group velocity dispersion. In the case of anomalous dispersion (∂2ω/∂k2>0) discussed here [the case of normal dispersion (∂2ω/∂k2<0) will be discussed in a succeeding letter], the stationary pulse is a ``bright'' pulse, or envelope soliton. For a typical glass fiber guide, the balancing power required to produce a stationary 1‐ps pulse is approximately 1 W. Numerical simulations show that above a certain threshold power level such pulses are stable under the influence of small perturbations, large perturbations, white noise, or absorption.

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Abstract: This paper reports narrowing and splitting of 7-ps-duration pulses from a mode-locked color-center laser by a 700-m-long, single-mode silica-glass fiber, at a wavelength (1.55 \ensuremath{\mu}m) of loss and large but negative group-velocity dispersion. At certain critical power levels, the observed behavior is characteristic of solitons.

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01 Dec 2007
Abstract: 1. Introduction 2. Basic optics 3. The optical fiber 4. Ray analysis of planar optical waveguide 5. Graded index optical fibers 6. Material dispersion 7. Planar waveguides 8. Characteristics of a step-index fiber 9. Graded Index fibers 10. Waveguide dispersion and design considerations 11. Sources for optical fiber communication 12. Detectors for optical fiber and communication 13. Fiber optic communication system design 14. Optical fiber Amplifiers 15. Dispersion compensation and chirping phenomenon 16. Optical solitons 17. Single-mode fiber optic components 18. Single mode optical fiber sensors 19. Measurement methods in optical fiber: I 20. Measurement methods in optical fibers: II 21. Periodic interactions in waveguides 22. Ray equation in Cartesian coordinates 23. Ray paths 24. Leaky modes.

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