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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/97.995823
Zhou Wang, Alan C. Bovik1Institutions (1)
Abstract: We propose a new universal objective image quality index, which is easy to calculate and applicable to various image processing applications. Instead of using traditional error summation methods, the proposed index is designed by modeling any image distortion as a combination of three factors: loss of correlation, luminance distortion, and contrast distortion. Although the new index is mathematically defined and no human visual system model is explicitly employed, our experiments on various image distortion types indicate that it performs significantly better than the widely used distortion metric mean squared error. Demonstrative images and an efficient MATLAB implementation of the algorithm are available online at sim/zwang/research/quality_index/demo.html. more

Topics: Distortion (62%), Image quality (61%), Image processing (57%) more

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01 Jan 1951-
Topics: Distortion (72%)

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TCOM.1971.1090705
Stephen B. Weinstein1, P. Ebert1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The Fourier transform data communication system is a realization of frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) in which discrete Fourier transforms are computed as part of the modulation and demodulation processes. In addition to eliminating the bunks of subcarrier oscillators and coherent demodulators usually required in FDM systems, a completely digital implementation can be built around a special-purpose computer performing the fast Fourier transform. In this paper, the system is described and the effects of linear channel distortion are investigated. Signal design criteria and equalization algorithms are derived and explained. A differential phase modulation scheme is presented that obviates any equalization. more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/34.159901
Juyang Weng1, P. Cohen2, M. Herniou2Institutions (2)
Abstract: A camera model that accounts for major sources of camera distortion, namely, radial, decentering, and thin prism distortions is presented. The proposed calibration procedure consists of two steps: (1) the calibration parameters are estimated using a closed-form solution based on a distribution-free camera model; and (2) the parameters estimated in the first step are improved iteratively through a nonlinear optimization, taking into account camera distortions. According to minimum variance estimation, the objective function to be minimized is the mean-square discrepancy between the observed image points and their inferred image projections computed with the estimated calibration parameters. The authors introduce a type of measure that can be used to directly evaluate the performance of calibration and compare calibrations among different systems. The validity and performance of the calibration procedure are tested with both synthetic data and real images taken by tele- and wide-angle lenses. > more

Topics: Camera resectioning (67%), Real image (54%), Triangulation (computer vision) (53%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1364/JOSA.56.001372
David L. Fried1Institutions (1)
Abstract: A theoretical foundation is developed for relating the statistics of wave distortion to optical resolution. The average resolution of very-long- and very-short-exposure images is studied in terms of the phase- and log-amplitude-structure functions, whose sum we call the “wave-structure function.” Those results which are comparable are in agreement with the findings of Hufnagel and Stanley who studied the average modulation transfer function of long-exposure images. It is found that the average short-exposure resolution can be significantly better than the average long-exposure resolution, but only if the wave distortion does not include substantial intensity variation. more

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