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Economic sector

About: Economic sector is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 14917 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 250274 citation(s). The topic is also known as: sector.
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01 Jan 1934-
Abstract: Buku ini memberikan infmasi tentang aliran melingkar kehidupan ekonomi sebagaimana dikondisikan oleh keadaan tertentu, fenomena fundamental dari pembangunan ekonomi, kredit dan modal, laba wirausaha, bunga atas modal, dan siklus bisnis.

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30 Sep 1997-
Abstract: Security Analysis: Conceptual Apparatus The Military Sector The Environmental Sector The Economic Sector The Societal Sector The Political Sector How Sectors are Synthesized by Actors.

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Franklin Allen1, Jun Qian2, Jun Qian3, Meijun Qian4Institutions (4)
Abstract: China is an important counterexample to the findings in the law, institutions, finance, and growth literature: neither its legal nor financial system is well developed by existing standards, yet it has one of the fastest growing economies. We examine 3 sectors of the economy: the State Sector (state-owned firms), the Listed Sector (publicly listed firms), and the Private Sector (all other firms with various types of private and local government ownership). The law-finance-growth nexus established by existing literature applies to the State and Listed Sectors: with poor legal protections of minority and outside investors, external markets are weak, and the growth of these firms is slow or negative. However, with arguably poorer applicable legal and financial mechanisms, the Private Sector grows much faster than the State and Listed Sectors, and provides most of the economy's growth. This suggests that there exist effective alternative financing channels and governance mechanisms, such as those based on reputation and relationships, to support this growth.

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Maria Nicola1, Zaid Alsafi2, Catrin Sohrabi3, Ahmed Kerwan4  +4 moreInstitutions (5)
TL;DR: The socio-economic effects of COVID-19 on individual aspects of the world economy are summarised to show the need for medical supplies has significantly increased and the food sector has seen a great demand due to panic-buying and stockpiling of food products.
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 4.3 million confirmed cases and over 290,000 deaths globally. It has also sparked fears of an impending economic crisis and recession. Social distancing, self-isolation and travel restrictions have lead to a reduced workforce across all economic sectors and caused many jobs to be lost. Schools have closed down, and the need for commodities and manufactured products has decreased. In contrast, the need for medical supplies has significantly increased. The food sector is also facing increased demand due to panic-buying and stockpiling of food products. In response to this global outbreak, we summarise the socio-economic effects of COVID-19 on individual aspects of the world economy.

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Gershon Feder1Institutions (1)
Abstract: This paper analyzes the sources of growth in the period 1964-1973 for a group of semi-industrialized less developed countries. An analytical framework is developed, incorporating the possibility that marginal factor productivities are not equal in the export and non-export sectors of the economy. Econometric analyzis utilizing this framework indicates that marginal factor productivities are significantly higher in the export sector. The difference seems to derive, in part, from inter-sectoral beneficial externalities generated by the export sector. The conclusion is therefore that growth can be generated not only by increases in the aggregate levels of labor and capital, but also by the reallocation of existing resources from the less efficient non-export sector to the higher productivity export sector.

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