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Electronic circuit

About: Electronic circuit is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 114293 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 971590 citation(s). more

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31 Jul 1997-
TL;DR: Converters in Equilibrium, Steady-State Equivalent Circuit Modeling, Losses, and Efficiency, and Power and Harmonics in Nonsinusoidal Systems. more

Abstract: Preface. 1. Introduction. I: Converters in Equilibrium. 2. Principles of Steady State Converter Analysis. 3. Steady-State Equivalent Circuit Modeling, Losses, and Efficiency. 4. Switch Realization. 5. The Discontinuous Conduction Mode. 6. Converter Circuits. II: Converter Dynamics and Control. 7. AC Equivalent Circuit Modeling. 8. Converter Transfer Functions. 9. Controller Design. 10. Input Filter Design. 11. AC and DC Equivalent Circuit Modeling of the Discontinuous Conduction Mode. 12. Current Programmed Control. III: Magnetics. 13. Basic Magnetics Theory. 14. Inductor Design. 15. Transformer Design. IV: Modern Rectifiers and Power System Harmonics. 16. Power and Harmonics in Nonsinusoidal Systems. 17. Line-Commutated Rectifiers. 18. Pulse-Width Modulated Rectifiers. V: Resonant Converters. 19. Resonant Conversion. 20. Soft Switching. Appendices: A. RMS Values of Commonly-Observed Converter Waveforms. B. Simulation of Converters. C. Middlebrook's Extra Element Theorem. D. Magnetics Design Tables. Index. more

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01 Jan 1999-
Abstract: The CMOS technology area has quickly grown, calling for a new text--and here it is, covering the analysis and design of CMOS integrated circuits that practicing engineers need to master to succeed. Filled with many examples and chapter-ending problems, the book not only describes the thought process behind each circuit topology, but also considers the rationale behind each modification. The analysis and design techniques focus on CMOS circuits but also apply to other IC technologies. Table of contents 1 Introduction to Analog Design 2 Basic MOS Device Physics 3 Single-Stage Amplifiers 4 Differential Amplifiers 5 Passive and Active Current Mirrors 6 Frequency Response of Amplifiers 7 Noise 8 Feedback 9 Operational Amplifiers 10 Stability and Frequency Compensation 11 Bandgap References 12 Introduction to Switched-Capacitor Circuits 13 Nonlinearity and Mismatch 14 Oscillators 15 Phase-Locked Loops 16 Short-Channel Effects and Device Models 17 CMOS Processing Technology 18 Layout and Packaging more

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Jih-Sheng Lai1, Fang Zheng PengInstitutions (1)
08 Oct 1995-
TL;DR: This paper presents three multilevel voltage source converters: (1) diode-clamp, (2) flying-capacitors, and (3) cascaded-inverters with separate DC sources. more

Abstract: Multilevel voltage source converters are emerging as a new breed of power converter options for high-power applications. The multilevel voltage source converters typically synthesize the staircase voltage wave from several levels of DC capacitor voltages. One of the major limitations of the multilevel converters is the voltage unbalance between different levels. The techniques to balance the voltage between different levels normally involve voltage clamping or capacitor charge control. There are several ways of implementing voltage balance in multilevel converters. Without considering the traditional magnetic coupled converters, this paper presents three recently developed multilevel voltage source converters: (1) diode-clamp, (2) flying-capacitors, and (3) cascaded-inverters with separate DC sources. The operating principle, features, constraints, and potential applications of these converters are discussed. more

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01 Jan 1996-
Abstract: Partial table of contents: Integrated--Circuit Devices and Modelling. Processing and Layout. Basic Current Mirrors and Single--Stage Amplifiers. Noise Analysis and Modelling. Basic Opamp Design and Compensation. Advanced Current Mirrors and Opamps. Comparators. Switched--Capacitor Circuits. Nyquist--Rate D/A Converters. Oversampling Converters. Phase--Locked Loops. Index. more

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Abstract: The matching properties of the threshold voltage, substrate factor, and current factor of MOS transistors have been analyzed and measured. Improvements to the existing theory are given, as well as extensions for long-distance matching and rotation of devices. Matching parameters of several processes are compared. The matching results have been verified by measurements and calculations on several basic circuits. > more

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