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Feed line

About: Feed line is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 5231 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 53539 citation(s).
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Abstract: Analysis and optimized designs are presented of three types of single feed circularly polarized microstrip antennas, namely, a diagonal fed nearly square, a truncated-corners square and a square with a diagonal slot. The Green's function approach and the desegmentation methods are used. The resonant frequencies are calculated for two orthogonal modes which together yield circular polarization. Optimum feed locations are determined for the best impedance match to a 50 \Omega coaxial feed line. Axial-ratio bandwidths, voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) bandwidths and radiation patterns are evaluated and verified experimentally.

560 citations

14 Aug 2007
Abstract: A communication system includes the following elements: a transmitter including a transmission circuit unit configured to generate an RF signal for transmitting data and an electric-field-coupling antenna configured to transmit the RF signal as an electrostatic field; a receiver including an electric-field-coupling antenna and a reception circuit unit configured to receive and process the RF signal received by the electric-field-coupling antenna; and a surface-wave propagation medium configured to provide a surface-wave transmission line to transmit a surface wave emanating from the electric-field-coupling antenna of the transmitter with low propagation loss.

518 citations

17 Mar 2005
Abstract: System for obtaining information about a vehicle or a component therein includes sensors arranged to generate and transmit a signal upon receipt and detection of a radio frequency (RF) signal and a multi-element, switchable directional antenna array. Each antenna element is directed toward a respective sensor and transmitter RF signals toward that sensor and receive return signals therefrom. A control mechanism controls transmission of the RF signals from the antenna elements, e.g., causes the antenna elements to be alternately switched on in order to sequentially transmit the RF signals and receive the return signals from the sensors or cause the antenna elements to transmit the RF signals simultaneously and space the return signals from the sensors via a delay line in circuitry from each antenna element such that each return signal is spaced in time in a known manner without requiring switching of the antenna elements.

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Abstract: The properties of two-wire lines and single wire lines (surface wave transmission lines) are discussed on a comparative basis. The two-wire line is actually a system of two coupled single wire lines and thus requires a high degree of symmetry to maintain the desired wave mode. While the single wire line is more affected by bends it has the advantages that it is simpler in construction and is less susceptible to weather conditions. The main domain of the two-wire lines lies in the frequency range below 100 mc and that of the single wire line in the range above 100 mc.

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Yan Zhang1, Wei Hong1, Chen Yu1, Zhenqi Kuai1, Yu-Dan Don1, Jianyi Zhou1 
Abstract: Three types of ultrawideband (UWB) antennas with triple notched bands are proposed and investigated for UWB communication applications. The proposed antennas consist of a planar circular patch monopole UWB antenna and multiple etched slots on the patch and/or split ring resonators (SRRs) coupled to the feed line. Good agreement is achieved between the simulated and measured results. These techniques are significant for designing UWB antennas with multiple narrow frequency notched bands or for designing multiband antennas.

294 citations

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