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Finite element limit analysis

About: Finite element limit analysis is a research topic. Over the lifetime, 5778 publications have been published within this topic receiving 175832 citations.

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01 Jan 1978
TL;DR: The finite element method has been applied to a variety of nonlinear problems, e.g., Elliptic boundary value problems as discussed by the authors, plate problems, and second-order problems.
Abstract: Preface 1. Elliptic boundary value problems 2. Introduction to the finite element method 3. Conforming finite element methods for second-order problems 4. Other finite element methods for second-order problems 5. Application of the finite element method to some nonlinear problems 6. Finite element methods for the plate problem 7. A mixed finite element method 8. Finite element methods for shells Epilogue Bibliography Glossary of symbols Index.

8,407 citations

26 Jun 1995
TL;DR: The Finite Element Method as mentioned in this paper is a method for linear analysis in solid and structural mechanics, and it has been used in many applications, such as heat transfer, field problems, and Incompressible Fluid Flows.
Abstract: 1. An Introduction to the Use of Finite Element Procedures. 2. Vectors, Matrices and Tensors. 3. Some Basic Concepts of Engineering Analysis and an Introduction to the Finite Element Methods. 4. Formulation of the Finite Element Method -- Linear Analysis in Solid and Structural Mechanics. 5. Formulation and Calculation of Isoparametric Finite Element Matrices. 6. Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis in Solid and Structural Mechanics. 7. Finite Element Analysis of Heat Transfer, Field Problems, and Incompressible Fluid Flows. 8. Solution of Equilibrium Equations in State Analysis. 9. Solution of Equilibrium Equations in Dynamic Analysis. 10. Preliminaries to the Solution of Eigenproblems. 11. Solution Methods for Eigenproblems. 12. Implementation of the Finite Element Method. References. Index.

8,068 citations

20 Dec 1990
TL;DR: In this article, a representation of stochastic processes and response statistics are represented by finite element method and response representation, respectively, and numerical examples are provided for each of them.
Abstract: Representation of stochastic processes stochastic finite element method - response representation stochastic finite element method - response statistics numerical examples.

5,495 citations

23 Nov 2011
TL;DR: Variational Formulations and Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Problems, Incompressible Materials and Flow Problems, and Other Applications.
Abstract: Variational Formulations and Finite Element Methods. Approximation of Saddle Point Problems. Function Spaces and Finite Element Approximations. Various Examples. Complements on Mixed Methods for Elliptic Problems. Incompressible Materials and Flow Problems. Other Applications.

5,030 citations

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