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Fluid dynamics

About: Fluid dynamics is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 47964 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 1043349 citation(s).

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01 Jan 1980
Abstract: This book focuses on heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, chemical reaction, and other related processes that occur in engineering equipment, the natural environment, and living organisms. Using simple algebra and elementary calculus, the author develops numerical methods for predicting these processes mainly based on physical considerations. Through this approach, readers will develop a deeper understanding of the underlying physical aspects of heat transfer and fluid flow as well as improve their ability to analyze and interpret computed results.

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01 Jan 1967
TL;DR: The dynamique des : fluides Reference Record created on 2005-11-18 is updated on 2016-08-08 and shows improvements in the quality of the data over the past decade.
Abstract: Preface Conventions and notation 1. The physical properties of fluids 2. Kinematics of the flow field 3. Equations governing the motion of a fluid 4. Flow of a uniform incompressible viscous fluid 5. Flow at large Reynolds number: effects of viscosity 6. Irrotational flow theory and its applications 7. Flow of effectively inviscid liquid with vorticity Appendices.

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01 Jan 1996
TL;DR: This text develops and applies the techniques used to solve problems in fluid mechanics on computers and describes in detail those most often used in practice, including advanced techniques in computational fluid dynamics.
Abstract: Preface. Basic Concepts of Fluid Flow.- Introduction to Numerical Methods.- Finite Difference Methods.- Finite Volume Methods.- Solution of Linear Equation Systems.- Methods for Unsteady Problems.- Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations.- Complex Geometries.- Turbulent Flows.- Compressible Flow.- Efficiency and Accuracy Improvement. Special Topics.- Appendeces.

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01 Jan 1974
Abstract: 1 Preliminary Concepts 2 Fundamental Equations of Compressible Viscous Flow 3 Solutions of the Newtonian Viscous-Flow Equations 4 Laminar Boundary Layers 5 The Stability of Laminar Flows 6 Incompressible Turbulent Mean Flow 7 Compressible Boundary Layer Flow Appendices A Transport Properties of Various Newtonian Fluids B Equations of Motion of Incompressible Newtonian Fluids in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates C A Runge-Kutta Subroutine for N Simultaneous Differential Equations Bibliography Index

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01 Jan 1952

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