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Fluid parcel

About: Fluid parcel is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 791 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 23689 citation(s). The topic is also known as: fluid particle & material element of fluid.
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01 Jan 1965-Physics of Fluids
Abstract: A new technique is described for the numerical investigation of the time‐dependent flow of an incompressible fluid, the boundary of which is partially confined and partially free The full Navier‐Stokes equations are written in finite‐difference form, and the solution is accomplished by finite‐time‐step advancement The primary dependent variables are the pressure and the velocity components Also used is a set of marker particles which move with the fluid The technique is called the marker and cell method Some examples of the application of this method are presented All non‐linear effects are completely included, and the transient aspects can be computed for as much elapsed time as desired

5,564 citations

20 Dec 2004-
TL;DR: This chapter discusses the development of flow systems for EES and some of the techniques used to develop these systems are currently used in the oil and gas industry.
Abstract: 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts2 Properties of Fluids3 Pressure and Fluid Statics4 Fluid Kinematics5 Bernoulli and Energy Equations6 Momentum and Analysis of Flow Systems7 Dimensional Analysis and Flow Systems8 Flow in Pipes9 Differential Analysis of Fluid Flow10 Approximations of the Navier-Stokes Equation11 Flow Over Bodies: Drag and Lift12 Compressible Flow13 Open-Channel Flow14 Turbomachinery15 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Appendices1 Property Tables and Charts (SI Units)2 Property Tables and Charts (English Units)3 Introduction to EES

1,221 citations

01 Jan 1940-
Abstract: Fundamentals. Fluid Statics. Kinematics of Fluid Motion. Systems, Control Volumes, Conservation of Mass, and The Reynolds Transport Theorem. Flow of an Incompressible Ideal Fluid. The Impulse--Momentum Principle. Flow of a Real Fluid. Similitude, Dimensional Analysis and Normalization of Equations of Motion. Flow in Pipes. Flow in Open Channels. Lift and Drag--Incompressible Flow. Introduction to Fluid Machinery. Flow of Compressible Fluids. Fluid Measurements. Appendices. Index.

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John C. Slattery1
01 Nov 1967-Aiche Journal
Abstract: Local volume averaging of the equations of continuity and of motion over a porous medium is discussed. For steady state flow such that inertial effects can be neglected, a resistance transformation is introduced which in part transforms the local average velocity vector into the local force per unit volume which the fluid exerts on the pore walls. It is suggested that for a randomly deposited, although perhaps layered, porous structure this resistance transformation is invertible, symmetric, and positive-definite. Finally, for an isotropic porous structure (the proper values of the resistance transformation are all equal and are termed the resistance coefficient) and an incompressible fluid, the functional dependence of the resistance coefficient is discussed with the Buckingham-Pi theorem used for an Ellis model fluid, a power model fluid, a Newtonian fluid, and a Noll simple fluid. Based on the discussion of the Noll simple fluid, a suggestion is made for the correlation and extrapolation of experimental data for a single viscoelastic fluid in a set of geometrically similar porous structures.

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