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Fourier transform

About: Fourier transform is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 50467 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 990947 citation(s). The topic is also known as: FT.

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Abstract: A practical step-by-step guide to wavelet analysis is given, with examples taken from time series of the El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The guide includes a comparison to the windowed Fourier transform, the choice of an appropriate wavelet basis function, edge effects due to finite-length time series, and the relationship between wavelet scale and Fourier frequency. New statistical significance tests for wavelet power spectra are developed by deriving theoretical wavelet spectra for white and red noise processes and using these to establish significance levels and confidence intervals. It is shown that smoothing in time or scale can be used to increase the confidence of the wavelet spectrum. Empirical formulas are given for the effect of smoothing on significance levels and confidence intervals. Extensions to wavelet analysis such as filtering, the power Hovmoller, cross-wavelet spectra, and coherence are described. The statistical significance tests are used to give a quantitative measure of change...

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01 Jan 1972

8,749 citations

01 Jan 1966
Abstract: Computer experiments using particle models A one-dimensional plasma model The simulation program Time integration schemes The particle-mesh force calculation The solution of field equations Collisionless particle models Particle-particle/particle-mesh algorithms Plasma simulation Semiconductor device simulation Astrophysics Solids, liquids and phase changes Fourier transforms Fourier series and finite Fourier transforms Bibliography Index

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01 Jan 1965
Abstract: 1 Introduction 2 Groundwork 3 Convolution 4 Notation for Some Useful Functions 5 The Impulse Symbol 6 The Basic Theorems 7 Obtaining Transforms 8 The Two Domains 9 Waveforms, Spectra, Filters and Linearity 10 Sampling and Series 11 The Discrete Fourier Transform and the FFT 12 The Discrete Hartley Transform 13 Relatives of the Fourier Transform 14 The Laplace Transform 15 Antennas and Optics 16 Applications in Statistics 17 Random Waveforms and Noise 18 Heat Conduction and Diffusion 19 Dynamic Power Spectra 20 Tables of sinc x, sinc2x, and exp(-71x2) 21 Solutions to Selected Problems 22 Pictorial Dictionary of Fourier Transforms 23 The Life of Joseph Fourier

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01 Jan 2000
TL;DR: This paper presents a meta-analyses of Chebyshev differentiation matrices using the DFT and FFT as a guide to solving fourth-order grid problems.
Abstract: Preface 1 Differentiation matrices 2 Unbounded grids: the semidiscrete Fourier transform 3 Periodic grids: the DFT and FFT 4 Smoothness and spectral accuracy 5 Polynomial interpolation and clustered grids 6 Chebyshev differentiation matrices 7 Boundary value problems 8 Chebyshev series and the FFT 9 Eigenvalues and pseudospectra 10 Time-stepping and stability regions 11 Polar coordinates 12 Integrals and quadrature formulas 13 More about boundary conditions 14 Fourth-order problems Afterword Bibliography Index

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