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Fractal dimension

About: Fractal dimension is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 14764 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 329050 citation(s).

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01 Jan 1985
Abstract: Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Introduction: Forest Fires, Fractal Oil Fields, and Diffusion What is percolation? Forest fires Oil fields and fractals Diffusion in disordered media Coming attractions Further reading Cluster Numbers The truth about percolation Exact solution in one dimension Small clusters and animals in d dimensions Exact solution for the Bethe lattice Towards a scaling solution for cluster numbers Scaling assumptions for cluster numbers Numerical tests Cluster numbers away from Pc Further reading Cluster Structure Is the cluster perimeter a real perimeter? Cluster radius and fractal dimension Another view on scaling The infinite cluster at the threshold Further reading Finite-size Scaling and the Renormalization Group Finite-size scaling Small cell renormalization Scaling revisited Large cell and Monte Carlo renormalization Connection to geometry Further reading Conductivity and Related Properties Conductivity of random resistor networks Internal structure of the infinite cluster Multitude of fractal dimensions on the incipient infinite cluster Multifractals Fractal models Renormalization group for internal cluster structure Continuum percolation, Swiss-cheese models and broad distributions Elastic networks Further reading Walks, Dynamics and Quantum Effects Ants in the labyrinth Probability distributions Fractons and superlocalization Hulls and external accessible perimeters Diffusion fronts Invasion percolation Further reading Application to Thermal Phase Transitions Statistical physics and the Ising model Dilute magnets at low temperatures History of droplet descriptions for fluids Droplet definition for the Ising model in zero field The trouble with Kertesz Applications Dilute magnets at finite temperatures Spin glasses Further reading Summary Numerical Techniques

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16 Mar 1990
Abstract: Part I Foundations: mathematical background Hausdorff measure and dimension alternative definitions of dimension techniques for calculating dimensions local structure of fractals projections of fractals products of fractals intersections of fractals. Part II Applications and examples: fractals defined by transformations examples from number theory graphs of functions examples from pure mathematics dynamical systems iteration of complex functions-Julia sets random fractals Brownian motion and Brownian surfaces multifractal measures physical applications.

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Abstract: We study the correlation exponent v introduced recently as a characteristic measure of strange attractors which allows one to distinguish between deterministic chaos and random noise. The exponent v is closely related to the fractal dimension and the information dimension, but its computation is considerably easier. Its usefulness in characterizing experimental data which stem from very high dimensional systems is stressed. Algorithms for extracting v from the time series of a single variable are proposed. The relations between the various measures of strange attractors and between them and the Lyapunov exponents are discussed. It is shown that the conjecture of Kaplan and Yorke for the dimension gives an upper bound for v. Various examples of finite and infinite dimensional systems are treated, both numerically and analytically.

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Abstract: A new measure of strange attractors is introduced which offers a practical algorithm to determine their character from the time series of a single observable. The relation of this new measure to fractal dimension and information-theoretic entropy is discussed.

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01 Jan 1989
Abstract: Foreword, B. Mandelbrot introduction fractal geometry fractal measures methods for determining fractal dimensions local growth models diffusion-limited growth growing self-affine surfaces cluster-cluster aggregation (CCA) computer simulations experiments on Laplacian growth new developments.

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