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Fractional calculus

About: Fractional calculus is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 20435 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 554430 citation(s). more


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01 Jan 1999-
Topics: Fractional dynamics (76%), Fractional calculus (69%), Fractional quantum mechanics (60%) more

15,883 Citations

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02 Mar 2006-
Abstract: 1. Preliminaries. 2. Fractional Integrals and Fractional Derivatives. 3. Ordinary Fractional Differential Equations. Existence and Uniqueness Theorems. 4. Methods for Explicitly solving Fractional Differential Equations. 5. Integral Transform Methods for Explicit Solutions to Fractional Differential Equations. 6. Partial Fractional Differential Equations. 7. Sequential Linear Differential Equations of Fractional Order. 8. Further Applications of Fractional Models. Bibliography Subject Index more

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19 May 1993-
Abstract: Historical Survey The Modern Approach The Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral The Riemann-Liouville Fractional Calculus Fractional Differential Equations Further Results Associated with Fractional Differential Equations The Weyl Fractional Calculus Some Historical Arguments. more

Topics: Fractional dynamics (83%), Fractional calculus (76%), Time-scale calculus (67%) more

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08 Dec 1993-
Abstract: Fractional integrals and derivatives on an interval fractional integrals and derivatives on the real axis and half-axis further properties of fractional integrals and derivatives other forms of fractional integrals and derivatives fractional integrodifferentiation of functions of many variables applications to integral equations of the first kind with power and power-logarithmic kernels integral equations fo the first kind with special function kernels applications to differential equations. more

Topics: Fractional dynamics (75%), Fractional calculus (67%), Integro-differential equation (64%) more

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02 Mar 2000-
Abstract: An introduction to fractional calculus, P.L. Butzer & U. Westphal fractional time evolution, R. Hilfer fractional powers of infinitesimal generators of semigroups, U. Westphal fractional differences, derivatives and fractal time series, B.J. West and P. Grigolini fractional kinetics of Hamiltonian chaotic systems, G.M. Zaslavsky polymer science applications of path integration, integral equations, and fractional calculus, J.F. Douglas applications to problems in polymer physics and rheology, H. Schiessel et al applications of fractional calculus and regular variation in thermodynamics, R. Hilfer. more

Topics: Fractional calculus (70%), Time-scale calculus (61%), Fractional Schrödinger equation (56%) more

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