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Graded-index fiber

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1364/OL.25.000025
01 Jan 2000-Optics Letters
Abstract: We demonstrate experimentally for what is to our knowledge the first time that air–silica microstructure optical fibers can exhibit anomalous dispersion at visible wavelengths. We exploit this feature to generate an optical continuum 550 THz in width, extending from the violet to the infrared, by propagating pulses of 100-fs duration and kilowatt peak powers through a microstructure fiber near the zero-dispersion wavelength. more

Topics: Zero-dispersion wavelength (65%), Dispersion-shifted fiber (58%), Photonic-crystal fiber (58%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1016/0925-4005(93)80021-3
Ralph C. Jorgenson1, Sinclair S. Yee1Institutions (1)
Abstract: A fiber-optic chemical sensor is presented which utilizes surface plasmon resonance excitation The sensing element of the fiber has been fabricated by removing a section of the fiber cladding and symmetrically depositing a thin layer of highly reflecting metal onto the fiber core A white-light source is used to introduce a range of wavelengths into the fiber optic Changes in the sensed parameters (eg, bulk refractive index, film thinkness and film refractive index) are determined by measuring the transmitted spectral-intensity distribution Experimental results of the sensitivity and the dynamic range in the measurement of the refractive indices of aqueous solutions are in agreement with the theoretical model of the sensor more

Topics: Fiber optic sensor (68%), Graded-index fiber (67%), Normalized frequency (fiber optics) (65%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1364/OL.28.001302
01 Aug 2003-Optics Letters
Abstract: We propose and demonstrate an efficient coupler for compact mode conversion between a fiber and a submicrometer waveguide. The coupler is composed of high-index-contrast materials and is based on a short taper with a nanometer-sized tip. We show that the micrometer-long silicon-on-insulator-based nanotaper coupler is able to efficiently convert both the mode field profile and the effective index, with a total length as short as 40 microm. We measure an enhancement of the coupling efficiency between an optical fiber and a waveguide by 1 order of magnitude due to the coupler. more

Topics: Radiation mode (60%), Mode volume (58%), Graded-index fiber (56%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1364/JOSAA.14.001760
Turan Erdogan1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The transmission of a mode guided by the core of an optical fiber through an ultraviolet-induced fiber grating when substantial coupling to cladding modes occurs is analyzed both experimentally and theoretically. A straightforward theory is presented that is based on the calculation of the modes of a three-layer step-index fiber geometry and on multimode coupled-mode theory that accurately models the measured transmission in gratings that support both counterpropagating (short-period) and co-propagating (long-period) interactions. These cladding-mode resonance filters promise unique applications for spectral filtering and sensing. more

Topics: Long-period fiber grating (74%), Cladding mode (72%), Mode volume (67%) more

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Open accessBook
Ajoy Ghatak1, Krishna Thyagarajan1Institutions (1)
01 Dec 2007-
Abstract: 1. Introduction 2. Basic optics 3. The optical fiber 4. Ray analysis of planar optical waveguide 5. Graded index optical fibers 6. Material dispersion 7. Planar waveguides 8. Characteristics of a step-index fiber 9. Graded Index fibers 10. Waveguide dispersion and design considerations 11. Sources for optical fiber communication 12. Detectors for optical fiber and communication 13. Fiber optic communication system design 14. Optical fiber Amplifiers 15. Dispersion compensation and chirping phenomenon 16. Optical solitons 17. Single-mode fiber optic components 18. Single mode optical fiber sensors 19. Measurement methods in optical fiber: I 20. Measurement methods in optical fibers: II 21. Periodic interactions in waveguides 22. Ray equation in Cartesian coordinates 23. Ray paths 24. Leaky modes. more

Topics: Graded-index fiber (81%), Photonic-crystal fiber (77%), Single-mode optical fiber (77%) more

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