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Hardware register

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1504/IJWMC.2007.013798
Abstract: A new stream cipher, Grain, is proposed. The design targets hardware environments where gate count, power consumption and memory is very limited. It is based on two shift registers and a non-linear output function. The cipher has the additional feature that the speed can be increased at the expense of extra hardware. The key size is 80 bits and no attack faster than exhaustive key search has been identified. The hardware complexity and throughput compares favourably to other hardware oriented stream ciphers like E0 and A5/1. more

Topics: Stream cipher (69%), Cipher (64%), Hardware register (58%) more

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25 Jun 2001-
Abstract: A system and method for configuring an instrument to perform measurement functions, wherein the instrument includes a programmable hardware element. A graphical program is first created, wherein the graphical program implements a measurement function. The graphical program may include a front panel and a block diagram. The method then generates a hardware description based on at least a portion of the graphical program. The hardware description describes a hardware implementation of the at least a portion of the graphical program. The method then configures the programmable hardware element in the instrument utilizing the hardware description to produce a configured hardware element. The configured hardware element thus implements a hardware implementation of the at least a portion of the graphical program. The instrument then acquires a signal from an external source, and the programmable hardware element in the instrument executes to perform the measurement function on the signal. The front panel may be used by a user to control the instrument during the measurement. more

Topics: Hardware compatibility list (63%), Hardware architecture (63%), Hardware register (59%) more

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W. Olin Sibert1Institutions (1)
30 Apr 2013-
Abstract: A hardware Secure Processing Unit (SPU) is described that can perform both security functions and other information appliance functions using the same set of hardware resources. Because the additional hardware required to support security functions is a relatively small fraction of the overall device hardware, this type of SPU can be competitive with ordinary non-secure CPUs or microcontrollers that perform the same functions. A set of minimal initialization and management hardware and software is added to, e.g., a standard CPU/microcontroller. The additional hardware and/or software creates an SPU environment and performs the functions needed to virtualize the SPU's hardware resources so that they can be shared between security functions and other functions performed by the same CPU. more

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29 Nov 2000-
Abstract: Techniques and systems for analysis, diagnosis and debugging fabricated hardware designs at a Hardware Description Language (HDL) level are described. Although the hardware designs (which were designed in HDL) have been fabricated in integrated circuit products with limited input/output pins, the techniques and systems enable the hardware designs within the integrated circuit products to be comprehensively analyzed, diagnosed, and debugged at the HDL level at speed. The ability to debug hardware designs at the HDL level facilitates correction or adjustment of the HDL description of the hardware designs. more

Topics: Hardware compatibility list (72%), Hardware architecture (68%), Hardware register (67%) more

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29 Oct 2001-
Abstract: A system and method for configuring a device to perform a function, where the device includes a programmable hardware element and one or more fixed hardware resources. A program is stored which represents the function. A hardware configuration program is generated based on the program, specifying a configuration for the programmable hardware element that implements the function, and usage of the fixed hardware resources by the programmable hardware element in performing the function. A deployment program deploys the hardware configuration program onto the programmable hardware element, where, after deployment, the device is operable to perform the function, where the programmable hardware element directly performs a first portion of the function, and the programmable hardware element invokes the fixed hardware resources to perform a second portion of the function. An optional measurement module couples to the device and performs signal conditioning and/or conversion logic on an acquired signal for the device. more

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