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Heat exchanger

About: Heat exchanger is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 184277 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 1032458 citation(s).
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Abstract: Publisher Summary Heating or cooling of large surface area products is often carried out in devices consisting of arrays of round or slot nozzles, through which air impinges vertically upon the product surface. This chapter presents a comprehensive survey emphasizing the engineering applications and empirical equations, presented for the prediction of heat and mass transfer coefficients within a large and technologically important range of variables. The local variations of the transfer coefficients are based on the experimental data for single round nozzles (SRN), arrays of round nozzles (ARN), single slot nozzles (SSN), and arrays of slot nozzles (ASN). The variation of local transfer coefficients is graphically represented. It also explores how to apply these equations in heat exchanger and dryer design as well as in optimization. The flow field of impinging flow is diagrammatically represented. External variables influencing heat and mass transfer in impinging flow depends on mass flow rate, kind and state of the gas and on the shape, size, and position of the nozzles relative to each other and to the solid surface. The design of high-performance arrays of nozzles is also discussed.

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01 Mar 1994
Abstract: Heat Transfer Fundamentals Performance Evaluation for Single-Phase Flows Performance Evaluation Criteria for Two-Phase Heat Exchangers Plate-and-Fin Extended Surfaces Externally Finned Tubes Insert Devices for Single-Phase Flow Internally Finned Tubes and Annuli Integral Roughness Fouling on Enhanced Surfaces Pool Boiling Vapor Space Condensation Convective Vaporization Convective Condensation Enhancement Using Electric Fields Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer Additives for Gases and Liquids Problem Supplement Index.

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01 Jul 2007-Energy
Abstract: A thermodynamic screening of 31 pure component working fluids for organic Rankine cycles (ORC) is given using BACKONE equation of state. The fluids are alkanes, fluorinated alkanes, ethers and fluorinated ethers. The ORC cycles operate between 100 and 30 °C typical for geothermal power plants at pressures mostly limited to 20 bar, but in some cases supercritical pressures are also considered. Thermal efficiencies ηth are presented for cycles of different types. In case of subcritical pressure processes one has to distinguish (1) whether the shape of the saturated vapour line in the T,s-diagram is bell-shaped or overhanging, and (2) whether the vapour entering the turbine is saturated or superheated. Moreover, in case that the vapour leaving the turbine is superheated, an internal heat exchanger (IHE) may be used. The highest ηth-values are obtained for the high boiling substances with overhanging saturated vapour line in subcritical processes with an IHE, e.g., for n-butane ηth=0.130. On the other hand, a pinch analysis for the heat transfer from the heat carrier with maximum temperature of 120 °C to the working fluid shows that the largest amount of heat can be transferred to a supercritical fluid and the least to a high-boiling subcritical fluid.

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01 Jan 1970
Abstract: I INTRODUCTION 1 Introduction to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration 2 Review of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer II REFRIGERATION 3 Mechanical Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Cycles 4 Mechanical Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Components and Systems 5 Absorption Refrigeration 6 Ultralow-Temperature Refrigeration: Cryogenics III PSYCHROMETRICS 7 Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air 8 Psychometric Processes and Applications 9 The Psychrometer and Humidity Measurement IV HEAT- AND MASS-TRANSFER PROCESSES AND APPLICATIONS 10 Direct-Contact Transfer Processes Between Moist Air and Water 11 Heating and Cooling of Moist Air by Extended Surface Coils 12 Human Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality 13 Solar Radiation V HEATING- AND COOLING-LOAD CALCULATIONS IN BUILDINGS 14 Winter Design Heat Loss 15 Instantaneous Heat Gain 16 Instantaneous Cooling Load 17 Energy-Estimation Methods VI AIR AND WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM DESIGN 18 Air-Distribution System and Duct Design 19 Hydronic System Operation and Design Appendix A Thermodynamic and Thermophysical Property Tables Appendix B Weather Data Appendix C Refrigerant, Cryogenic, and Psychrometric Charts Index

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