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Helical antenna

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TAP.2005.858598
Abstract: This paper presents a study of a novel monopole antenna for ultrawide-band (UWB) applications. Printed on a dielectric substrate and fed by a 50 /spl Omega/ microstrip line, a planar circular disc monopole has been demonstrated to provide an ultra wide 10 dB return loss bandwidth with satisfactory radiation properties. The parameters which affect the performance of the antenna in terms of its frequency domain characteristics are investigated. A good agreement is achieved between the simulation and the experiment. In addition, the time domain performance of the proposed antenna is also evaluated in simulations. more

Topics: Monopole antenna (69%), Microstrip antenna (67%), Patch antenna (66%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/8.660976
Abstract: The circular disc monopole (CDM) antenna has been reported to yield wide-impedance bandwidth. Experiments have been carried out on a CDM that has twice the diameter of the reported disc with similar results. New configurations are proposed such as elliptical (with different ellipticity ratios), square, rectangular, and hexagonal disc monopole antennas. A simple formula is proposed to predict the frequency corresponding to the lower edge of the bandwidth for each of these configurations. The elliptical disc monopole (EDM) with ellipticity ratio of 1.1 yields the maximum bandwidth from 1.21 GHz to more than 13 GHz for voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)<2. more

Topics: Monopole antenna (57%), Electrical length (56%), Horn antenna (56%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TAP.1983.1143162
P. Sharma, K. C. Gupta1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Analysis and optimized designs are presented of three types of single feed circularly polarized microstrip antennas, namely, a diagonal fed nearly square, a truncated-corners square and a square with a diagonal slot. The Green's function approach and the desegmentation methods are used. The resonant frequencies are calculated for two orthogonal modes which together yield circular polarization. Optimum feed locations are determined for the best impedance match to a 50 \Omega coaxial feed line. Axial-ratio bandwidths, voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) bandwidths and radiation patterns are evaluated and verified experimentally. more

Topics: Antenna feed (59%), Feed line (56%), Slot antenna (56%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TAP.2006.874354
Young Jun Cho1, Ki Hak Kim1, Dong Hyuk Choi1, Seung Sik Lee2  +1 moreInstitutions (2)
Abstract: A planar monopole antenna with a staircase shape and small volume (25times26times1 mm3) is proposed in this paper. With the use of a half-bowtie radiating element, the staircase-shape, and a modified ground plane structure, the proposed antenna has a very wide impedance bandwidth measured at about 11.6 GHz (2.9-14.5 GHz, bandwidth ratio about 1:5) below VSWR 2 including the WLAN band notched in the vicinity of 5 GHz. An omnidirectional radiation pattern is obtained. The group delay which is an indication of linearity between two proposed antennas is less than 1 ns. The electrical characteristics in terms of frequency and time domains and physical ones of the proposed antenna make it attractive for use in ultrawideband (UWB) systems more

Topics: Monopole antenna (67%), Dipole antenna (64%), Helical antenna (64%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1049/EL:19840450
M. McAllister1, Stuart A. Long1Institutions (1)
Abstract: An antenna consisting of a resonant dielectric hemisphere on top of a ground plane is investigated. Calculations of the internal and external fields are made with emphasis on the lowest-order mode that results in efficient radiation in the direction perpendicular to the ground plane. Measured input impedance data are also presented for a practical radiator. more

Topics: Ground plane (64%), Monopole antenna (64%), Helical antenna (63%) more

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