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Helicopter rotor

About: Helicopter rotor is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 7201 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 77045 citation(s). The topic is also known as: rotor blades & Rotor.

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05 Jun 2000
Abstract: Preface Acknowledgements List of main symbols List of figures List of tables 1. Introduction: a history of helicopter flight 2. Fundamentals of rotor aerodynamics 3. Blade element analysis 4. Rotating blade motion 5. Basic helicopter performance 6. Conceptual design of helicopters 7. Rotor airfoil aerodynamics 8. Unsteady aerodynamics 9. Dynamic stall 10. Rotor wakes and tip vortices Appendix Index.

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01 Jan 1980
Abstract: A benchmark test to aid the development of various rotor performance codes was conducted. Simultaneous blade pressure measurements and tip vortex surveys were made for a wide range of tip Mach numbers including the transonic flow regime. The measured tip vortex strength and geometry permit effective blade loading predictions when used as input to a prescribed wake lifting surface code. It is also shown that with proper inflow and boundary layer modeling, the supercritical flow regime can be accurately predicted.

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Abstract: F light control of unmanned helicopters is an area that poses interesting problems for control researchers. The classical control strategy for helicopters assumes a linear model obtained for a particular operating point. Applying modern nonlinear control theory can improve the performance of the controller and enable the tracking of aggressive trajectories, as demonstrated in [1] for a 5-ft diameter main rotor helicopter. Civil and military applications of autonomous flying vehicles have been steadily increasing over the last few years. Traffic surveillance, air pollution monitoring, area mapping, agricultural applications, and remote inspection require high maneuverability and robustness with respect to disturbances. Since rotary wing vehicles can take off and land in limited spaces and hover above targets, these vehicles have certain advantages over conventional fixed-wing aircraft for surveillance and inspection tasks. © DIGITAL VISION Experimental implementation of linear and nonlinear control laws

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04 May 1982
Abstract: An accurate prediction of the noise produced by helicopters requires a good understanding of the noise generating mechanisms involved Such an understanding can lead to controlling the noise of existing helicopters by avoiding noisy regimes of flight or by redesigning the main and tail rotors The present investigation is concerned with approaches which are suitable for the calculation of discrete frequency noise of helicopter rotors The governing differential equation of acoustics used in a consideration of acoustic formulations is the Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings (FW-H) equation Attention is given to a method reported by Farassat (1981), a method developed by Succi (1979), and a procedure discussed by Woan and Gregorek (1978)

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01 Feb 1957
Abstract: The differential equations of motion for the lateral and torsional deformations of twisted rotating beams are developed for application to helicopter rotor and propeller blades. No assumption is made regarding the coincidence of the neutral, elastic, and mass axes, and the generality is such that previous theories involving various simplifications are contained as subcases to the theory presented in this paper. Special attention is given the terms which are not included in previous theories. These terms are largely coupling-type terms associated with the centrifugal forces. Methods of solution of the equations of motion are indicated by selected examples.

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