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Image fusion

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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: The Nature of Remote Sensing: Introduction. Remote Sensing. Information Extraction from Remote-Sensing Images. Spectral Factors in Remote Sensing. Spectral Signatures. Remote-Sensing Systems. Optical Sensors. Temporal Characteristics. Image Display Systems. Data Systems. Summary. Exercises. References. Optical Radiation Models: Introduction. Visible to Short Wave Infrared Region. Solar Radiation. Radiation Components. Surface-Reflected. Unscattered Component. Surface-Reflected. Atmosphere-Scattered Component. Path-Scattered Component. Total At-Sensor. Solar Radiance. Image Examples in the Solar Region. Terrain Shading. Shadowing. Atmospheric Correction. Midwave to Thermal Infrared Region. Thermal Radiation. Radiation Components. Surface-Emitted Component. Surface-Reflected. Atmosphere-Emitted Component. Path-Emitted Component. Total At-Sensor. Emitted Radiance. Total Solar and Thermal Upwelling Radiance. Image Examples in the Thermal Region. Summary. Exercises. References. Sensor Models: Introduction. Overall Sensor Model. Resolution. The Instrument Response. Spatial Resolution. Spectral Resolution. Spectral Response. Spatial Response. Optical PSFopt. Image Motion PSFIM. Detector PSFdet. Electronics PSFel. Net PSFnet. Comparison of Sensor PSFs. PSF Summary for TM. Imaging System Simulation. Amplification. Sampling and Quantization. Simplified Sensor Model. Geometric Distortion. Orbit Models. Platform Attitude Models. Scanner Models. Earth Model. Line and Whiskbroom ScanGeometry. Pushbroom Scan Geometry. Topographic Distortion. Summary. Exercises. References. Data Models: Introduction. A Word on Notation. Univariate Image Statistics. Histogram. Normal Distribution. Cumulative Histogram. Statistical Parameters. Multivariate Image Statistics. Reduction to Univariate Statistics. Noise Models. Statistical Measures of Image Quality. Contrast. Modulation. Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Noise Equivalent Signal. Spatial Statistics. Visualization of Spatial Covariance. Covariance with Semivariogram. Separability and Anisotropy. Power Spectral Density. Co-occurrence Matrix. Fractal Geometry. Topographic and Sensor Effects. Topography and Spectral Statistics. Sensor Characteristics and Spectral Stastistics. Sensor Characteristics and Spectral Scattergrams. Summary. Exercises. References. Spectral Transforms: Introduction. Feature Space. Multispectral Ratios. Vegetation Indexes. Image Examples. Principal Components. Standardized Principal Components (SPC) Transform. Maximum Noise Fraction (MNF) Transform. Tasseled Cap Tranformation. Contrast Enhancement. Transformations Based on Global Statistics. Linear Transformations. Nonlinear Transformations. Normalization Stretch. Reference Stretch. Thresholding. Adaptive Transformation. Color Image Contrast Enhancement. Min-max Stretch. Normalization Stretch. Decorrelation Stretch. Color Spacer Transformations. Summary. Exercises. References. Spatial Transforms: Introduction. An Image Model for Spatial Filtering. Convolution Filters. Low Pass and High Pass Filters. High Boost Filters. Directional Filters. The Border Region. Characterization of Filtered Images. The Box Filter Algorithm. Cascaded Linear Filters. Statistical Filters. Gradient Filters. Fourier Synthesis. Discrete Fourier Transforms in 2-D. The Fourier Components. Filtering with the Fourier Transform. Transfer Functions. The Power Spectrum. Scale Space Transforms. Image Resolution Pyramids. Zero-Crossing Filters. Laplacian-of-Gaussian (LoG) Filters. Difference-of-Gaussians (DoG) Filters.Wavelet Transforms. Summary. Exercises. References. Correction and Calibration: Introduction. Noise Correction. Global Noise. Sigma Filter. Nagao-Matsuyama Filter. Local Noise. Periodic Noise. Distriping 359. Global,Linear Detector Matching. Nonlinear Detector Matching. Statistical Modification to Linear and Nonlinear Detector. Matching. Spatial Filtering Approaches. Radiometric Calibration. Sensor Calibration. Atmospheric Correction. Solar and Topographic Correction. Image Examples. Calibration and Normalization of Hyperspectral Imagery. AVIRIS Examples. Distortion Correction. Polynomial Distortion Models. Ground Control Points (GCPs). Coordinate Transformation. Map Projections. Resampling. Summary. Exercises References. Registration and Image Fusion: Introduction. What is Registration? Automated GCP Location. Area Correlation. Other Spatial Features. Orthrectification. Low-Resolution DEM. High-Resolution DEM. Hierarchical Warp Stereo. Multi-Image Fusion. Spatial Domain Fusion. High Frequency Modulation. Spectral Domain Fusion. Fusion Image Examples. Summary. Exercises. References. Thematic Classification: Introduction. The Importance of Image Scale. The Notion of Similarity. Hard Versus Soft Classification. Training the Classifier. Supervised Training. Unsupervised Training. K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Clustering Examples. Hybrid Supervised/Unsupervised Training. Non-Parametric Classification Algorithms. Level-Slice. Nearest-Mean. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Back-Propagation Algorithm. Nonparametric Classification Examples. Parametric Classification Algorithms. Estimation of Model-Parameters. Discriminant Functions. The Normal Distribution Model. Relation to the Nearest-Mean Classifier. Supervised Classification Examples and Comparison to Nonparametric Classifiers. Segmentation. Region Growing. Region Labeling. Sub-Pixel Classification. The Linear Mixing Model. Unmixing Model. Hyperspectral Image Analysis. Visualization of the Image Cube. Feature Extraction. Image Residuals. Pre-Classification Processing and Feature Extraction. Classification Algorithms. Exercises. Error Analysis. Multitemporal Images. Summary. References. Index. more

Topics: Image fusion (59%), Image processing (58%), Multispectral image (58%) more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1080/014311698215748
Christine Pohl, J.L. van Genderen1Institutions (1)
Abstract: With the availability of multisensor, multitemporal, multiresolution and multifrequency image data from operational Earth observation satellites the fusion of digital image data has become a valuable tool in remote sensing image evaluation. Digital image fusion is a relatively new research field at the leading edge of available technology. It forms a rapidly developing area of research in remote sensing. This review paper describes and explains mainly pixel based image fusion of Earth observation satellite data as a contribution to multisensor integration oriented data processing. more

Topics: Image fusion (69%), Digital image processing (59%), Digital image (56%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1006/GMIP.1995.1022
Hui Li1, B.S. Manjunath1, Sanjit K. Mitra1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The goal of image fusion is to integrate complementary information from multisensor data such that the new images are more suitable for the purpose of human visual perception and computer-processing tasks such as segmentation, feature extraction, and object recognition. This paper presents an image fusion scheme which is based on the wavelet transform. The wavelet transforms of the input images are appropriately combined, and the new image is obtained by taking the inverse wavelet transform of the fused wavelet coefficients. An area-based maximum selection rule and a consistency verification step are used for feature selection. The proposed scheme performs better than the Laplacian pyramid-based methods due to the compactness, directional selectivity, and orthogonality of the wavelet transform. A performance measure using specially generated test images is suggested and is used in the evaluation of different fusion methods, and in comparing the merits of different wavelet transform kernels. Extensive experimental results including the fusion of multifocus images, Landsat and Spot images, Landsat and Seasat SAR images, IR and visible images, and MRI and PET images are presented in the paper. more

Topics: Image fusion (72%), Stationary wavelet transform (70%), Wavelet transform (69%) more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TIP.2006.888330
Abstract: In this paper, we make contact with the field of nonparametric statistics and present a development and generalization of tools and results for use in image processing and reconstruction. In particular, we adapt and expand kernel regression ideas for use in image denoising, upscaling, interpolation, fusion, and more. Furthermore, we establish key relationships with some popular existing methods and show how several of these algorithms, including the recently popularized bilateral filter, are special cases of the proposed framework. The resulting algorithms and analyses are amply illustrated with practical examples more

Topics: Kernel regression (57%), Kernel method (57%), Image processing (56%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1049/EL:20000267
Costas Xydeas1, Vladimir Petrovic2Institutions (2)
Abstract: A measure for objectively assessing the pixel level fusion performance is defined. The proposed metric reflects the quality of visual information obtained from the fusion of input images and can be used to compare the performance of different image fusion algorithms. Experimental results clearly indicate that this metric is perceptually meaningful. more

Topics: Image fusion (63%), Sensor fusion (57%), Metric (unit) (55%)

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