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About: Impeller is a research topic. Over the lifetime, 45119 publications have been published within this topic receiving 242579 citations. The topic is also known as: Impeller, impellar & blades.

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TL;DR: In this paper, the authors measured turbulence parameters in a baffled, Rushton turbine agitated vessel with a laser-Doppler velocimeter, and the necessary corrections for the periodic, nondissipative velocity fluctuations in the near impeller region were made by an autocorrelation method.

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TL;DR: In this paper, large eddy simulations were performed on the flow in a baffled stirred tank, drien by a Rushton turbine at Res 29,000, using a lattice Boltzmann scheme for discretizing the Naier ) Stokes equations, and a force-field technique for representing the action of the impeller on the fluid.
Abstract: Large eddy simulations were performed on the flow in a baffled stirred tank, drien by a Rushton turbine at Res 29,000. The simulation procedure consisted of a lattice ) Boltzmann scheme for discretizing the Naier ) Stokes equations, and a force- field technique for representing the action of the impeller on the fluid. The subgrid-scale model was a conentional Smagorinsky model with a Smagorinsky constant c s 0.12. s The uniform, cubic computational grid had a size of about 6 = 10 6 nodes. The com- puter code was implemented on a parallel, shared-memory computer platform. The results on the phase-resoled aerage flow, as well as on the turbulence characteristics, are compared with phase-resoled experimental data. The trailingortex structure in the ¤icinity of the impeller was well represented by the simulations.

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TL;DR: In this article, an equation for mixing time recently published by BHR Group can be related to a basic turbulence model and it is also shown that this equation is superior to those based on a theory linking mixing time to the flow generated by the impeller.

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01 Jan 1990
TL;DR: In this article, the authors present a detailed history and applications of the centrifugal compressor and the radial turbine rotor passage, as well as the stator exhaust diffuser, and a generalised computer-based one-dimensional performance prediction.
Abstract: Part 1: Outline of the book history and applications the centrifugal compressor the radial turbine non-dimensional parameters for performance assessment and design selection. Part 2 Fundamental fluid mechanics and thermodynamics: the basic equations the dynamics of compressible, perfect gas flow definitions of efficiency loss coefficient definitions stator performance parameters. Part 3 Preliminary design and analysis of centrifugal compressors: non-dimensional parameters for design selection application of basic thermo-fluid dynamics to compressors impeller design diffuser performance, design and analysis. Part 4 Preliminary design and analysis of radial turbines: basic design concepts preliminary design of the rotor performance correlations rotor passage preliminary design of the stator exhaust diffuser. Part 5 Generalised computer based one-dimensional performance prediction: generalised gas dynamic analysis empirical flow models and loss correlations summary of prediction procedure. Part 6 Modelling of compressor impellers with separated flow: performance prediction models application to experimentation. Part 7 Geometric description of turbomachine blades and passages: surface definition by two-dimensional projection functional representation of two-dimensional curves geometry definition by three-dimensional surfaces functional representation of three-dimensional surfaces. Part 8 Computation of internal flows: categorisation of methods calculation domains inviscid solution methods viscous solution methods coupled viscous-inviscid methods modelling of stator flows. Part 9 Special problems associated with turbomachine design and operation: compressor surge and techniques to suppress it high pressure ratio compressors pulse operation of radial turbines variable geometry stator for radial turbines special features of radial turbine rotors turbine rotor cooling size effects and scaling. Appendices: preliminary design of centrifugal compressor impellers - computer program listing, description of the computer program preliminary design of radial turbine rotors - computer program listing, description of the program a summary of the governing equations for three-dimensional fluid flow - the conservation of mass, or continuity, equation, the momentum equation, the energy equation discretisation methods - finite difference, finite element, finite volume.

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TL;DR: In this article, numerical simulations of the flow field in baffled mixing tanks, based on three alternative methods, are presented and discussed, where the impeller is not explicitly simulated, and its effects are modelled by imposing suitable, empirically derived, boundary conditions to the external flow.

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