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Inert gas

About: Inert gas is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 25542 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 207419 citation(s). more

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01 Jan 1969-
Abstract: INERT ATMOSPHERE TECHINQUES. Bench--Top Inert--Atmosphere Techniques. Inert--Atmosphere Glove Boxes. Inert Gases and Their Purification. Purification of Solvents and Reagents. Vacuum Line Design and Operation. Pumps for Rough and High Vacuum. Pressure and Flow Measurement and Leak Detection. Joints, Stopcocks, and Valves. Specialized Vacuum--Line Equipment and Operations. Metal Systems. Metal Systems. Appendixes. Index. more

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H.P. Boehm1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Publisher Summary The properties of a surface are influenced by the surface groups and the knowledge of their existence and of their chemistry are important for many technological processes This chapter examines the surface compounds on carbon—microcrystalline carbon, graphite, and diamond—on silica, on titania, and on alumina and silica–alumina Most important and best known among the surface compounds of carbon are those with oxygen and with sulfur Thus, two kinds of surface oxides are known Basic surface oxides are formed always when a carbon surface is freed from all surface compounds by heating in a vacuum or in an inert atmosphere and comes into contact with oxygen only after cooling to low temperatures Acidic surface oxides are formed when carbon is treated with oxygen a temperatures near its ignition point Unambiguous identification of carboxyl groups has been achieved by two reactions of the acyl chlorides: Friedel–Crafts reaction and Schmidt rearrangement more

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Jinghong Zhou1, Zhi-Jun Sui1, Jun Zhu1, Ping Li1  +3 moreInstitutions (2)
01 Apr 2007-Carbon
Abstract: A fishbone type carbon nanofiber (CNF) is functionalized by different chemical and thermal treatments, and characterized by TPD, FT-IR and XPS. TPD is proved to be an effective technique to characterize surface oxygen complexes on carbon nanofibers, a novel type of mesoporous and highly graphitic carbon material. TPD spectra are analyzed by a modified deconvolution method with a multiple Gaussian function, allowing for more precise determination of each of the oxygen complexes on the surface than those reported in the literature. The surface properties of these modified CNFs measured by FT-IR and XPS are in good agreement with the TPD results. All the CNF surfaces possess more CO-producing oxygen complexes than CO2-producing ones. Different functionalization methods result in different types and distributions of oxygen complexes on the CNF surface. The gas phase oxidation of the CNF mainly increases the number and concentration of carbonyl groups, while the oxidation in the liquid phase increases those of both carboxyl and anhydride groups. Moreover, thermal annealing of CNF in an inert gas at 1700 °C strongly decreases the amount of surface oxygen complexes though CNF subsequently undergoes gas oxidation. more

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01 Aug 1994-Solid State Ionics
Abstract: LiCoO2, LiNiO2 and LiMn2O4 are all stable in air to high temperature. By contrast, LixCoO2, LixNiO2 and LixMn2O4 (x<1) are metastable and liberate oxygen when they are heated in air or in inert gas. The temperature at which oxygen evolution occurs depends on x and on the material. Using thermal gravimetric analysis and mass spectrometry, we have studied the thermal decomposition of these materials in inert gas. We find that the nickel materials are least stable, the manganese compounds are most stable, and that the cobalt compounds show intermediate behaviour. These results have important consequences for the safety of Li-ion cells, and suggest that cells using LiMn2O4 as the cathode should be safer than those using LiNiO2 or LiCoO2. more

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