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About: Isotropy is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 30050 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 663626 citation(s).

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Abstract: It is supposed that a region within an isotropic elastic solid undergoes a spontaneous change of form which, if the surrounding material were absent, would be some prescribed homogeneous deformation. Because of the presence of the surrounding material stresses will be present both inside and outside the region. The resulting elastic field may be found very simply with the help of a sequence of imaginary cutting, straining and welding operations. In particular, if the region is an ellipsoid the strain inside it is uniform and may be expressed in terms of tabu­lated elliptic integrals. In this case a further problem may be solved. An ellipsoidal region in an infinite medium has elastic constants different from those of the rest of the material; how does the presence of this inhomogeneity disturb an applied stress-field uniform at large distances? It is shown that to answer several questions of physical or engineering interest it is necessary to know only the relatively simple elastic field inside the ellipsoid.

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Abstract: We present a new integral equation formulation of the polarizable continuum model (PCM) which allows one to treat in a single approach dielectrics of different nature: standard isotropic liquids, intrinsically anisotropic medialike liquid crystals and solid matrices, or ionic solutions. The present work shows that integral equation methods may be used with success also for the latter cases, which are usually studied with three-dimensional methods, by far less competitive in terms of computational effort. We present the theoretical bases which underlie the method and some numerical tests which show both a complete equivalence with standard PCM versions for isotropic solvents, and a good efficiency for calculations with anisotropic dielectrics.

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Abstract: The title problem concerns two isotropic phases firmly bonded together to form a mixture with any concentrations. An elementary account of several theoretical methods of attack is given, among them the derivation of inequalities between various moduli. The approach is completely general and exact. Additionally, the problem is fully solved when the phases have equal rigidities but different compressibilities, the geometry being entirely arbitrary.

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Abstract: Modularly invariant equations of motion are derived that generate the isothermal–isobaric ensemble as their phase space averages. Isotropic volume fluctuations and fully flexible simulation cells as well as a hybrid scheme that naturally combines the two motions are considered. The resulting methods are tested on two problems, a particle in a one‐dimensional periodic potential and a spherical model of C60 in the solid/fluid phase.

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