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01 Jan 1994
Abstract: Continuous Distributions (General) Normal Distributions Lognormal Distributions Inverse Gaussian (Wald) Distributions Cauchy Distribution Gamma Distributions Chi-Square Distributions Including Chi and Rayleigh Exponential Distributions Pareto Distributions Weibull Distributions Abbreviations Indexes

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Jonathan R. M. Hosking1
Abstract: L-moments are expectations of certain linear combinations of order statistics. They can be defined for any random variable whose mean exists and form the basis of a general theory which covers the summarization and description of theoretical probability distributions, the summarization and description of observed data samples, estimation of parameters and quantiles of probability distributions, and hypothesis tests for probability distributions. The theory involves such established procedures as the use of order statistics and Gini's mean difference statistic, and gives rise to some promising innovations such as the measures of skewness and kurtosis and new methods of parameter estimation

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01 Nov 1989
Abstract: Part 1 Preliminaries: construction of symmetric multivariate distributions notation of algebraic entities and characteristics of random quantities the "d" operator groups and invariance dirichlet distribution problems 1. Part 2 Spherically and elliptically symmetric distributions: introduction and definition marginal distributions, moments and density marginal distributions moments density the relationship between (phi) and f conditional distributions properties of elliptically symmetric distributions mixtures of normal distributions robust statistics and regression model robust statistics regression model log-elliptical and additive logistic elliptical distributions multivariate log-elliptical distribution additive logistic elliptical distributions complex elliptically symmetric distributions. Part 3 Some subclasses of elliptical distributions: multiuniform distribution the characteristic function moments marginal distribution conditional distributions uniform distribution in the unit sphere discussion symmetric Kotz type distributions definition distribution of R(2) moments multivariate normal distributions the c.f. of Kotz type distributions symmetric multivariate Pearson type VII distributions definition marginal densities conditional distributions moments conditional distributions moments some examples extended Tn family relationships between Ln and Tn families of distributions order statistics mixtures of exponential distributions independence, robustness and characterizations problems V. Part 6 Multivariate Liouville distributions: definitions and properties examples marginal distributions conditional distribution characterizations scale-invariant statistics survival functions inequalities and applications.

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01 Jan 1986
Abstract: Examples of stable laws in applications Analytic properties of the distributions in the family $\mathfrak S$ Special properties of laws in the class $\mathfrak W$ Estimators of the parameters of stable distributions.

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Abstract: Distributions whose inverse forms are explicitly defined, such as Tukey's lambda, may present problems in deriving their parameters by more conventional means. Probability weighted moments are introduced and shown to be potentially useful in expressing the parameters of these distributions.

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