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Lamb waves

About: Lamb waves is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 9581 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 188454 citation(s).

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01 Jan 1962
Abstract: Preface Introduction 1 One-dimensional motion of an elastic continuum 2 The linearized theory of elasticity 3 Elastodynamic theory 4 Elastic waves in an unbound medium 5 Plane harmonic waves in elastic half-spaces 6 Harmonic waves in waveguides 7 Forced motions of a half-space 8 Transient waves in layers and rods 9 Diffraction of waves by a slit 10 Thermal and viscoelastic effects, and effects of anisotrophy and non-linearity Author Index Subject Index

4,124 citations

01 Jan 1975
Abstract: The book presents a comprehensive study of elastic wave propagation in solids. Topics covered range from the theory of waves and vibrations in strings to the three-dimensional theory of waves in thick plates. The subject is covered in the following chapters: (1) waves and vibrations in strings, (2) longitudinal waves in thin rods, (3) flexural waves in thin rods, (4) waves in membranes, thin plates and shells, (5) waves in infinite media, (6) waves in semi-infinite media, (7) scattering and diffraction of elastic waves, and (8) wave propagation in plates and rods. Appendices contain introductory information on elasticity, transforms and experimental techniques. /TRRL/

3,358 citations

01 Sep 2004
Abstract: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Dispersion principles 3. Unbounded isotropic and anisotropic media 4. Reflection and refraction 5. Oblique incidence 6. Wave scattering 7. Surface and subsurface waves 8. Waves in plates 9. Interface waves 10. Layer on a half space 11. Waves in rods 12. Waves in hollow cylinders 13. Guided waves in multiple layers 14. Source influence 15. Horizontal shear 16. Waves in an anisotropic layer 17. Elastic constant determination 18. Waves in viscoelastic media 19. Stress influence 20. Boundary element methods Bibliography Appendices A. Ultrasonic nondestructive testing principles, analysis and display technology B. Basic formulas and concepts in the theory of elasticity C. Basic formulas in complex variables D. Schlieren imaging and dynamic photoelasticity E. Key wave propagation experiments Index.

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01 Jan 1957

1,930 citations

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