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Leakage inductance

About: Leakage inductance is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 6900 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 79573 citation(s). The topic is also known as: leakage inductance. more


Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1049/PIEE.1966.0236
01 Aug 1966-
Abstract: The effects of eddy currents in transformer windings are considered, and a method is derived for calculating the variation of winding resistance and leakage inductance with frequency for transformers with single-layer, multilayer and sectionalised windings. The method consists in dividing the winding into portions, calculating the d.c. resistances and d.c. leakage inductances of each of these portions, and then multiplying the d.c. values by appropriate factors to obtain the corresponding a.c. values. These a.c. values are then referred to, say, the primary winding and summed to give the total winding resistance and leakage inductance of the transformer. Formulas are derived and quoted for calculating the d.c. resistances and leakage inductances of the winding portions. Theoretical expressions are derived for the variation with frequency etc. of the factors by which the d.c. values must be multiplied to obtain the corresponding a.c. values. These expressions are presented in the form of graphs, permitting the factors to be read as required. more

Topics: Leakage inductance (71%), Autotransformer (60%), Planar transformers (59%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/28.175280
07 Oct 1990-
Abstract: The performance of a high-power, high-power-density DC-to-DC converter based on the single-phase dual active bridge (DAB) topology is described. The dual active bridge converter has been shown to have very attractive features in terms of low device and component stresses, small filter components, low switching losses, high power density and high efficiency, bidirectional power flow, buck-boost operation, and low sensitivity to system parasitics. For high output voltages, on the order of kilovolts, a cascaded output structure is considered. The effects of snubber capacitance and magnetizing inductance on the soft switching region of control are discussed. Various control schemes are outlined. Coaxial transformer design techniques have been utilized to carefully control leakage inductance. The layout and experimental performance of a prototype 50 kW 50 kHz unit operating with an input voltage of 200 V DC and an output voltage of 1600 V DC are presented. > more

Topics: Forward converter (67%), DC-to-DC converter (62%), Leakage inductance (58%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TPHP.1974.1134841
H. Greenhouse1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Negative mutual inductance results from coupling between two conductors having current vectors in opposite directions As a quantity in electronic circuits, negative mutual inductance is usually so much smaller in magnitude than overall inductance that it can be neglected with little effect In the microelectronic world, however, its neglect can result in inductance values as much as 30 percent too high This paper derives inductance equations for planar thin- or thick-film coils, comparing equations that include negative mutual inductance with those that do not It describes a computer program developed for calculating inductances for both square and rectangular geometries, the variables considered being track width, space between tracks, and number of turns Graphic results are presented for up to 16 turns over an inductance range of 3 nanohenries to 10 microhenries Although details of fabrication are not included, the effects of film thickness and frequency on the mutual-inductance parameter are discussed more

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Open accessBook
01 Jun 1978-
Abstract: Fundamentals of Magnetics. Magnetic Materials and Their Characteristics. Magnetic Cores, Iron Alloy and Ferrites. Window Utilization and Magnet Wire. Transformer-Inductor Design. Transformer-Inductor Efficiency, Regulation, and Temperature Rise. Power Transformer Design. DC Inductor Design Gap Core. DC Inductor Design Powder Core. AC Inductor Design. Constant Voltage Transformer Design (CVT). Three Phase Transformer Design. Flyback Converter Design. Forward Converter Transformer and Inductor Design. Input Filter Design. Current Transformer Design. Winding Capacitance and Leakage Inductance. Quiet Converter Design. Rotary Transformer Design. Planar Transformers. Derivation for the Design Equations. Index. more

Topics: Energy efficient transformer (68%), Delta-wye transformer (68%), Leakage inductance (66%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/63.41774
11 Apr 1988-
Abstract: The power transistor in zero-current-switched quasiresonant converters (ZCS-QRCs) suffers from excessive voltage stress, and the converter regulation characteristics and stability are adversely affected by parasitic oscillations caused by the junction capacitance of the rectifying diode. A novel, multiresonant switch concept is proposed to overcome these problems. A unique multiresonant network arrangement results in absorption of all parasitic components, including transistor output capacitance, diode junction capacitance, and transformer leakage inductance, in the resonant circuit. This results in favorable switching conditions for all devices. Experimental results show that ZVS multiresonant converters are superior to ZVS-QRCs due to reduced transistor voltage stress and improved load range and stability. > more

Topics: Parasitic capacitance (60%), Diffusion capacitance (59%), Capacitance (57%) more

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