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Abstract: The microstructural and mechanical properties of Inconel 718 were determined on the specimens manufactured by selective laser melting (SLM) of prealloyed powder. High- density (99.8%) cylindrical specimens were built with four orientations (0°, 45°, 45°×45° and 90°) in relation to the building and scanning directions. Because of directional, dendritic-cellular grain growth, microstructure of the as-built specimens was characterized by columnar grains of supersaturated solid solution with internal microsegregation of Nb and Mo, demonstrated by fractions of Laves eutectic or its divorced form in interdendritic regions. Such a heterogeneous microstructure is unsuitable for direct post-process aging and makes the alloy sensitive to subsolidus liquation during rapid heating to the homogenizing temperature. In homogenized and aged condition, the alloy received a very good set of mechanical properties in comparison with the wrought material. In heat-treated condition, like in as-built condition, weak anisotropy of properties was found, manifested by lower Young's modulus, yield strength and tensile strength of the specimens extended along the build direction in comparison to the values for the other variants of the specimens. This is attributed to the fact that the grains maintained their geometric and crystallographic texture obtained during solidification. more

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01 May 2004-Scripta Materialia
Abstract: A dissimilar friction stir weld of Al alloy 1050 and Mg alloy AZ31 was produced. The weld had a large volume of intermetallic compound Al 12 Mg 17 and significantly higher hardness in the weld center. The present study suggests that constitutional liquation resulted in the intermetallic compound Al 12 Mg 17 in the weld center. more

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01 Mar 2004-Scripta Materialia
Abstract: The weld heat affected zone (HAZ) cracking in cast Inconel 738 superalloy has been examined. Constitutional liquation of the main strengthening phase of the alloy c 0 , which is also present in significant volume after pre-weld heat treatment, was found to contribute significantly to grain boundary liquation and its attendant cracking in the HAZ. � 2003 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. more

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Srinivasarao Lathabai1, P.G Lloyd1Institutions (1)
09 Oct 2002-Acta Materialia
Abstract: The microstructure, mechanical properties and weld hot cracking behaviour of a cast Al–Mg–Sc alloy containing 0.17 wt.% Sc were compared with those of a Sc-free alloy of similar chemical composition. Although this level of Sc addition did not cause grain refinement, the dendritic substructure appeared to be finer. There was a significant increase in the yield and tensile strength and the microhardness of the Al–Mg–Sc alloy relative to its Sc-free counterpart. A discontinuous precipitation reaction was observed at the dendritic cell boundaries. Microchemical analysis revealed segregation of Mg and Sc at these interdendritic regions. No improvement was observed in the resistance of the alloy to weld solidification cracking or heat affected zone (HAZ) liquation cracking. This is explained in terms of the inability of this level of Sc addition to refine the solidification structure and to influence the liquation of solute-enriched dendritic cell boundaries of the cast material. more

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Sindo Kou1Institutions (1)
01 Jun 2003-JOM
Abstract: Solidification cracking can occur in the fusion zone during the solidification of the weld metal Liquation cracking, on the other hand, can occur in the partially melted zone during the solidification of the liquated material These two types of cracking are reviewed in this article, including the factors that affect cracking and the remedies more

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