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Marketing research

About: Marketing research is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 18697 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 651184 citation(s). The topic is also known as: consumer research. more

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Stephen L. Vargo1, Robert F. Lusch2Institutions (2)
Abstract: Marketing inherited a model of exchange from economics, which had a dominant logic based on the exchange of “goods,” which usually are manufactured output The dominant logic focused on tangible resources, embedded value, and transactions Over the past several decades, new perspectives have emerged that have a revised logic focused on intangible resources, the cocreation of value, and relationships The authors believe that the new perspectives are converging to form a new dominant logic for marketing, one in which service provision rather than goods is fundamental to economic exchange The authors explore this evolving logic and the corresponding shift in perspective for marketing scholars, marketing practitioners, and marketing educators more

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01 Jan 2000-
Abstract: I. UNDERSTANDING MARKETING MANAGEMENT. 1. Understanding the Critical Role of Marketing in Organizations and Society. 2. Building Customer Satisfaction Through Quality, Service, and Value. 3. Laying the Groundwork Through Market-Oriented Strategic Planning. 4. Managing the Marketing Process and Marketing Planning. II. ANALYZING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. 5. Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research. 6. Analyzing the Marketing Environment. 7. Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior. 8. Analyzing Business Markets and Business Buying Behavior. 9. Analyzing Industries and Competitors. III. RESEARCHING AND SELECTING TARGET MARKETS. 10. Measuring and Forecasting Market Demand. 11. Identifying Market Segments and Selecting Target Markets. IV. DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGIES. 12. Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offer. 13. Developing, Testing, and Launching New Products and Services. 14. Managing Product Life Cycles and Strategies. 15. Designing Marketing Strategies for Market Leaders, Challengers, Followers, and Nichers. 16. Designing Strategies for the Global Marketplace. V. PLANNING MARKETING PROGRAMS. 17. Managing Products Lines, Brands, and Packaging. 18. Managing Service Businesses and Ancillary Services. 19. Designing Pricing Strategies and Programs. 20. Selecting and Managing Marketing Channels. 21. Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Physical-Distribution Systems. 22. Designing Communication and Promotion-Mix Strategies. 23. Designing Effective Advertising Programs. 24. Designing Direct-Marketing, Sales-Promotion, and Public- Relations Programs. 25. Managing the Salesforce. VI. ORGANIZING, IMPLEMENTING, AND CONTROLLING MARKETING EFFORT. 26. Organizing and Implementing Marketing Programs. 27. Evaluating and Controlling Marketing Performance. Author Index. Company/Brand Index. Subject Index. more

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Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 1972-
Abstract: Principles of Marketing takes a practical, managerial approach to marketing. Continuing with tradition, it is rich in topical examples and applications that show the major decisions that marketing managers face in their efforts to balance an organisation’s objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in the global marketplace. The Fourth Edition has changed to reflect marketing’s ever changing challenges. All preview cases, marketing insights and end of chapter cases are revised or completely changed to embrace the growth in e-commerce. In addition, recognising Europe’s internationalism and the growth of globalisation, examples and cases are drawn, not from Europe alone, but from the US, Japan, South-East Asia and Africa. This is suitable for any undergraduate or postgraduate undertaking an introductory course in marketing. more

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01 Sep 2003-
TL;DR: The content of this 3rd edition marketing research textbook is practical and up to date and is based on an applied and managerially focused approach. more

Abstract: The content of this 3rd edition marketing research textbook is practical and up to date and is based on an applied and managerially focused approach. Australian an New Zealand research and examples have been thoroughly intergrated into every chapter. more

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Abstract: Proposes to develop a service quality model, based on test of a sample of business executives, which describes how the quality of services is perceived by customers. Looks at its marketing implications, in which functional quality is seen to be a very important dimension of a perceived service. Concludes that quality dimensions are interrelated and that the importance of image should be recognised. more

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