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Micro-loop heat pipe

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01 Mar 1995-
Abstract: Preface Nomenclature 1.Introduction 2.Solid-Liquid-Vapor Phenomena, Driving Forces and Interfacial Heat and Mass Transfer 3.Steady Hydrodynamic and Thermal Characteristics 4.Heat Transfer Limitations 5.Continuum Transient and Frozen Startup Behavior of Heat Pipes 6.Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphons 7.Rotating and Revolving Heat Pipes 8.Variable Conductance Heat Pipes 9.Capillary Pumped Loop and Loop Heat Pipe Systems 10.Micro/Miniature Heat Pipe Characteristics and Operating Limitations 11.Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers 12.Analysis of Nonconventional Heat Pipes 13.Special Effects on Heat Pipes 14.Heat Pipe Fabrication, Processing, and Testing Appendix A:Thermophysical Properties Appedix B:Experimental Heat Pipe Results Index more

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Abstract: A model for the radial heat transfer of a grooved heat pipe evaporator is presented. It combines the solution of a two-dimensional heat conduction problem with the calculation of the shape of the liquid-vapour interface and its temperature, taking into account the influence of meniscus curvature and adhesion forces on the volatility of the liquid. It is shown that the common assumption of an interface temperature equal to the saturation temperature of the vapour can lead to a large overprediction of the radial heat transfer coefficient. more

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Busse Claus-Adolf1Institutions (1)
01 Jun 1978-
Abstract: The invention relates to a thermal heat pump. consisting of a heat pipe (11). in which the vapor passage located for heat dissipation between the Warmeubertragungszone for heat supply and the Warmeubertragungszone (16) changing an over its length, has the flow velocity of the vapor, first increasing and then degrading cross-section and in which in the area of ​​the increased vapor velocity another Warmeubertragungszone with heat supply or removal is the increased vapor velocity may be subsonic or supersonic range. The cross-sectional change of the vapor channel (16) in the heat pipe (11) between the two outer heat transfer zones is advantageously carried out by a displacement body (13) effected with the particular surface contour. more

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Abstract: By combining nanofluids with thermally excited oscillating motion in an oscillating heat pipe (OHP), we developed an ultrahigh-performance cooling device, called the nanofluid oscillating heat pipe. Experimental results show that when the OHP is charged with nanofluid, heat transport capability significantly increases. For example, at the input power of 80.0W, diamond nanofluid can reduce the temperature difference between the evaporator and the condenser from 40.9to24.3°C. This study will accelerate the development of a highly efficient cooling device for ultrahigh-heat-flux electronic systems. more

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30 Mar 1967-
Abstract: A heat-generating pipe arrangement employs at least one pipe of ferromagnetic metal, an insulated electric conductor line connected to a source of AC supply and inserted within the pipe throughout the entire length thereof and a good heat-conductive material such as water, sea water or the like which exists in the clearance space between the conductor line and the pipe. The pipe is heated by the alternating current flowing through the inner wall portion thereof on account of the skin effect, which is a return current from the conductor line to the source of AC. The heat-conductive material is effective in preventing the temperature rise of insulating-material covering the conductor line and reduces the cost of heat-generating pipe per unit of heat generation. more

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