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About: Microwave is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 48333 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 637885 citation(s). The topic is also known as: microwaves.
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01 Jan 1966-
Abstract: Stationary Electric Fields. Stationary Magnetic Fields. Maxwell's Equations. The Electromagnetics of Circuits. Transmission Lines. Plane-Wave Propagation and Reflection. Two- and Three-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems. Waveguides with Cylindrical Conducting Boundaries. Special Waveguide Types. Resonant Cavities. Microwave Networks. Radiation. Electromagnetic Properties of Materials. Optics. Appendices. Index.

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01 May 1989-IEEE Potentials
Abstract: A brief history of microwave engineering is given. The impact of computer-aided design and monolithic microwave integrated circuits on microwave design is examined. The career potential of microwave engineering is discussed, along with suggestions for related studies that would be useful to the microwave engineer. >

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05 Nov 2001-Tetrahedron

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Abstract: A new technique is presented in which half-hourly global precipitation estimates derived from passive microwave satellite scans are propagated by motion vectors derived from geostationary satellite infrared data. The Climate Prediction Center morphing method (CMORPH) uses motion vectors derived from half-hourly interval geostationary satellite IR imagery to propagate the relatively high quality precipitation estimates derived from passive microwave data. In addition, the shape and intensity of the precipitation features are modified (morphed) during the time between microwave sensor scans by performing a time-weighted linear interpolation. This process yields spatially and temporally complete microwave-derived precipitation analyses, independent of the infrared temperature field. CMORPH showed substantial improvements over both simple averaging of the microwave estimates and over techniques that blend microwave and infrared information but that derive estimates of precipitation from infrared data...

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