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Multiphase flow

About: Multiphase flow is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 9927 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 220914 citation(s). more

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Shiyi Chen1, Gary D. DoolenInstitutions (1)
TL;DR: An overview of the lattice Boltzmann method, a parallel and efficient algorithm for simulating single-phase and multiphase fluid flows and for incorporating additional physical complexities, is presented. more

Abstract: We present an overview of the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), a parallel and efficient algorithm for simulating single-phase and multiphase fluid flows and for incorporating additional physical complexities. The LBM is especially useful for modeling complicated boundary conditions and multiphase interfaces. Recent extensions of this method are described, including simulations of fluid turbulence, suspension flows, and reaction diffusion systems. more

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01 Jan 1979-
Abstract: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING KINETICS Elements of Reaction Kinetics Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions Transport Processes with Reactions Catalyzed by Solids Noncatalytic Gas-Solid Reactions Catalyst Deactivation Gas-Liquid Reactions ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF CHEMICAL REACTORS The Fundamental Mass, Energy, and Momentum Balance Equations The Batch and Semibatch Reactors The Plug Flow Reactor The Perfectly Mixed Flow Reactor Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactors Nonideal Flow Patterns and Population Balance Models Fluidized Bed and Transport Reactors Multiphase Flow Reactors Author Index Subject Index. more

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26 Aug 2011-
Abstract: Introduction Industrial Applications Energy Conversion and Propulsion Fire Suppression and Control Summary Properties of Dispersed Phase Flows Concept of a Continuum Density and Volume Fraction Particle or Droplet Spacing Response Times Stokes Number Dilute versus Dense Flows Phase Coupling Properties of an Equilibrium Mixture Summary Exercises Size Distribution Discrete Size Distributions Continuous Size Distributions Statistical Parameters Frequently Used Size Distributions Summary Exercises Particle-Fluid Interaction Single-Particle Equations Mass Coupling Linearmomentumcoupling Energy Coupling Summary Exercises Particle-Particle Interaction Particle-Particle Interaction Particle-Wall Interaction Summary Exercises Continuous Phase Equations Averaging Procedures Volume Averaging Property Flux Through a Particle Cloud Volume-Averaged Conservation Equations Equation Summary Summary Exercises Turbulence Review of Turbulence in Single-Phase Flow Turbulence Modulation by Particles Review of Modulation Models Basic Test Case for Turbulence Models Volume-Averaged Turbulence Models Application to Experimental Results Summary Exercises Droplet-Particle Cloud Equations Discrete Element Method (DEM) Discrete Parcel Method (DPM) Two-Fluid Model PDF Models Summary Numerical Modeling Complete Numerical Simulation DNS Models LES Models VANS Numerical Models Summary Experimental Methods Sampling Integral Methods Local Measurement Techniques Summary Exercises Appendix A: Single-Particle Equations Appendix B: Volume Averaging Appendix C: Volume-Averaged Equations Appendix D: Turbulence Equations 425 Appendix E: Brownian Motion References Nomenclature Index more

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27 Oct 2012-
Abstract: (Chapter Headings): Transport Equations. One-Dimensional Steady Gas Solid Flow. Drift Flux. Critical Granular Flow. The Fluidized State. On the Origin of Bubbles. Inviscid Multiphase Flows: Bubbling Beds. Viscous Flow and Circulating Fluidized Beds. Kinetic Theory Approach. Applications of Kinetic Theory. Kinetic Theory of Granular Mixtures. Sedimentation and Consolidation. Appendices: Formulation of Continuum Problems: Introduction. Appendices: The Method of Characteristics: Introduction. Chapter References. Index. more

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Journal Article
01 Jan 1993-Physical Review A
Abstract: A lattice Boltzmann model is developed which has the ability to simulate flows containing multiple phases and components. Each of the components can be immiscible with the others and can have different mass values. The equilibrium state of each component can have a nonideal gas equation of state at a prescribed temperature exhibiting thermodynamic phase transitions. The scheme incorporated in this model is the introduction of an interparticle potential. The dynamical rules in this model are local so it is highly efficient to compute on massively parallel computers. This model has many application in large-scale numerical simulations of various types of fluid flows more

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