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Natural convection

About: Natural convection is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 29521 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 608747 citation(s).

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01 Jan 1984
Abstract: Fundamental Principles Laminar Boundary Layer Flow Laminar Duct Flow External Natural Convection Internal Natural Convection Transition to Turbulence Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Turbulent Duct Flow Free Turbulent Flows Convection with Change of Phase Mass Transfer Convection in Porous Media.

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Abstract: Details are given of the computational method used to obtain an accurate solution of the equations describing two-dimensional natural convection in a square cavity with differentially heated side walls. Second-order, central difference approximations were used. Mesh refnement and extrapolation led to solutions for 103⩽Ra⩽10 6 which are believed to be accurate to better than 1 per cent at the highest Rayleigh number and down to one-tenth of that at the lowest value.

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Abstract: Research in convective heat transfer using suspensions of nanometer-sized solid particles in base liquids started only over the past decade Recent investigations on nanofluids, as such suspensions are often called, indicate that the suspended nanoparticles markedly change the transport properties and heat transfer characteristics of the suspension This review summarizes recent research on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in forced and free convection flows and identifies opportunities for future research

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Abstract: Keywords: visualisation de l'ecoulement ; tourbillon ; dynamique des : fluides ; aubes ; cylindre ; instabilite ; ecoulement : secondaire Note: moult photos Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08

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