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Nonlinear system

About: Nonlinear system is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 208167 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 4090102 citation(s).

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01 Jan 1941-
Abstract: Introduction Part I: Representation formulas for solutions: Four important linear partial differential equations Nonlinear first-order PDE Other ways to represent solutions Part II: Theory for linear partial differential equations: Sobolev spaces Second-order elliptic equations Linear evolution equations Part III: Theory for nonlinear partial differential equations: The calculus of variations Nonvariational techniques Hamilton-Jacobi equations Systems of conservation laws Appendices Bibliography Index.

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Topics: Nonlinear system (68%), Differential equation (67%), Partial differential equation (62%) ... show more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1098/RSPA.1998.0193
Norden E. Huang1, Zheng Shen2, Steven R. Long3, Man-Li C. Wu1  +5 moreInstitutions (8)
Abstract: A new method for analysing nonlinear and non-stationary data has been developed. The key part of the method is the empirical mode decomposition method with which any complicated data set can be dec...

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Topics: Hilbert spectral analysis (58%), Hilbert spectrum (57%), Hilbert–Huang transform (57%) ... show more

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Book ChapterDOI: 10.1109/9780470544334.CH9
Tamer Basar1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 2001-
Abstract: The clssical filleting and prediclion problem is re-examined using the Bode-Shannon representation of random processes and the ?stat-tran-sition? method of analysis of dynamic systems. New result are: (1) The formulation and Methods of solution of the problm apply, without modification to stationary and nonstationary stalistics end to growing-memory and infinile -memory filters. (2) A nonlinear difference (or differential) equalion is dericed for the covariance matrix of the optimal estimalion error. From the solution of this equation the coefficients of the difference, (or differential) equation of the optimal linear filter are obtained without further caleulations. (3) Tke fillering problem is shoum to be the dual of the nois-free regulator problem. The new method developed here, is applied to do well-known problems, confirming and extending, earlier results. The discussion is largely, self-contatained, and proceeds from first principles; basic concepts of the theory of random processes are reviewed in the Appendix.

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Topics: Covariance matrix (55%), Nonlinear system (54%), Stochastic process (52%) ... show more

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Open accessBook
11 Feb 1992-
Abstract: 1 Generation and Representation.- 1.1 Uniformly Continuous Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operators.- 1.2 Strongly Continuous Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operators.- 1.3 The Hille-Yosida Theorem.- 1.4 The Lumer Phillips Theorem.- 1.5 The Characterization of the Infinitesimal Generators of C0 Semigroups.- 1.6 Groups of Bounded Operators.- 1.7 The Inversion of the Laplace Transform.- 1.8 Two Exponential Formulas.- 1.9 Pseudo Resolvents.- 1.10 The Dual Semigroup.- 2 Spectral Properties and Regularity.- 2.1 Weak Equals Strong.- 2.2 Spectral Mapping Theorems.- 2.3 Semigroups of Compact Operators.- 2.4 Differentiability.- 2.5 Analytic Semigroups.- 2.6 Fractional Powers of Closed Operators.- 3 Perturbations and Approximations.- 3.1 Perturbations by Bounded Linear Operators.- 3.2 Perturbations of Infinitesimal Generators of Analytic Semigroups.- 3.3 Perturbations of Infinitesimal Generators of Contraction Semigroups.- 3.4 The Trotter Approximation Theorem.- 3.5 A General Representation Theorem.- 3.6 Approximation by Discrete Semigroups.- 4 The Abstract Cauchy Problem.- 4.1 The Homogeneous Initial Value Problem.- 4.2 The Inhomogeneous Initial Value Problem.- 4.3 Regularity of Mild Solutions for Analytic Semigroups.- 4.4 Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions.- 4.5 Invariant and Admissible Subspaces.- 5 Evolution Equations.- 5.1 Evolution Systems.- 5.2 Stable Families of Generators.- 5.3 An Evolution System in the Hyperbolic Case.- 5.4 Regular Solutions in the Hyperbolic Case.- 5.5 The Inhomogeneous Equation in the Hyperbolic Case.- 5.6 An Evolution System for the Parabolic Initial Value Problem.- 5.7 The Inhomogeneous Equation in the Parabolic Case.- 5.8 Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions in the Parabolic Case.- 6 Some Nonlinear Evolution Equations.- 6.1 Lipschitz Perturbations of Linear Evolution Equations.- 6.2 Semilinear Equations with Compact Semigroups.- 6.3 Semilinear Equations with Analytic Semigroups.- 6.4 A Quasilinear Equation of Evolution.- 7 Applications to Partial Differential Equations-Linear Equations.- 7.1 Introduction.- 7.2 Parabolic Equations-L2 Theory.- 7.3 Parabolic Equations-Lp Theory.- 7.4 The Wave Equation.- 7.5 A Schrodinger Equation.- 7.6 A Parabolic Evolution Equation.- 8 Applications to Partial Differential Equations-Nonlinear Equations.- 8.1 A Nonlinear Schroinger Equation.- 8.2 A Nonlinear Heat Equation in R1.- 8.3 A Semilinear Evolution Equation in R3.- 8.4 A General Class of Semilinear Initial Value Problems.- 8.5 The Korteweg-de Vries Equation.- Bibliographical Notes and Remarks.

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Topics: Analytic semigroup (65%), Semigroup (62%), Partial differential equation (59%) ... show more

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Open accessBook
01 Jan 1994-
Abstract: Preface 1. Introduction Overview A Brief History of LMIs in Control Theory Notes on the Style of the Book Origin of the Book 2. Some Standard Problems Involving LMIs. Linear Matrix Inequalities Some Standard Problems Ellipsoid Algorithm Interior-Point Methods Strict and Nonstrict LMIs Miscellaneous Results on Matrix Inequalities Some LMI Problems with Analytic Solutions 3. Some Matrix Problems. Minimizing Condition Number by Scaling Minimizing Condition Number of a Positive-Definite Matrix Minimizing Norm by Scaling Rescaling a Matrix Positive-Definite Matrix Completion Problems Quadratic Approximation of a Polytopic Norm Ellipsoidal Approximation 4. Linear Differential Inclusions. Differential Inclusions Some Specific LDIs Nonlinear System Analysis via LDIs 5. Analysis of LDIs: State Properties. Quadratic Stability Invariant Ellipsoids 6. Analysis of LDIs: Input/Output Properties. Input-to-State Properties State-to-Output Properties Input-to-Output Properties 7. State-Feedback Synthesis for LDIs. Static State-Feedback Controllers State Properties Input-to-State Properties State-to-Output Properties Input-to-Output Properties Observer-Based Controllers for Nonlinear Systems 8. Lure and Multiplier Methods. Analysis of Lure Systems Integral Quadratic Constraints Multipliers for Systems with Unknown Parameters 9. Systems with Multiplicative Noise. Analysis of Systems with Multiplicative Noise State-Feedback Synthesis 10. Miscellaneous Problems. Optimization over an Affine Family of Linear Systems Analysis of Systems with LTI Perturbations Positive Orthant Stabilizability Linear Systems with Delays Interpolation Problems The Inverse Problem of Optimal Control System Realization Problems Multi-Criterion LQG Nonconvex Multi-Criterion Quadratic Problems Notation List of Acronyms Bibliography Index.

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Topics: Linear system (56%), Linear-quadratic-Gaussian control (56%), Condition number (55%) ... show more

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