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Abstract: A simple route to the production of high-quality CdE (E=S, Se, Te) semiconductor nanocrystallites is presented. Crystallites from ∼12 A to ∼115 A in diameter with consistent crystal structure, surface derivatization, and a high degree of monodispersity are prepared in a single reaction. The synthesis is based on the pyrolysis of organometallic reagents by injection into a hot coordinating solvent. This provides temporally discrete nucleation and permits controlled growth of macroscopic quantities of nanocrystallites. Size selective precipitation of crystallites from Portions of the growth solution isolates samples with narrow size distributions (<5% rms in diameter). High sample quality results in sharp absorption features and strong «band-edge» emission which is tunable with particle size and choice of material

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Abstract: After a preliminary survey with the electron microscope of various preparations of colloidal gold, a study was made of the process of nucleation and growth in gold colloids. It was shown that nucleating agents may be identified with reducing agents which form a mixed polymer with chlorauric ion before the reduction to the nucleus takes place. It was also shown that the law of growth is exponential. The average size, the deviation from the average size and the character of the particle size distribution curve are determined by the amount of gold, the nucleation process and the law of growth.

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01 Jan 1981
Abstract: Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams Equilibrium Single-Component Systems Binary Solutions Equilibrium in Heterogeneous Systems Binary Phase Diagrams Influence of Interfaces on Equilibrium Ternary Equilibrium Additional Thermodynamic Relationships for Binary Solutions Computation of Phase Diagrams Kinetics of Phase Transformations Exercises References Further Readings Diffusion Atomic Mechanisms of Diffusion Interstitial Diffusion Substitutional Diffusion Atomic Mobility Tracer Diffusion in Binary Alloys Diffusion in Ternary Alloys High-Diffusivity Paths Diffusion in Multiphase Binary Systems Exercises References Further Readings Crystal Interfaces and Microstructure Interfacial Free Energy Solid=Vapor Interfaces Boundaries in Single-Phase Solids Interphase Interfaces in Solids Interface Migration Exercises References Further Readings Solidification Nucleation in Pure Metals Growth of a Pure Solid Alloy Solidification Solidification of Ingots and Castings Solidification of Fusion Welds Solidification during Quenching from the Melt Metallic Glasses Case Studies of Some Practical Castings and Welds Exercises References Further Readings Diffusional Transformations in Solids Homogeneous Nucleation in Solids Heterogeneous Nucleation Precipitate Growth5 Overall Transformation Kinetics-TTT Diagrams Precipitation in Age-Hardening Alloys Precipitation of Ferrite from Austenite Cellular Precipitation Eutectoid Transformations Massive Transformations Ordering Transformations Case Studies Exercises References Further Readings Diffusionless Transformations Characteristics of Diffusionless Transformations Martensite Crystallography Theories of Martensite Nucleation Martensite Growth1 Premartensite Phenomena Tempering of Ferrous Martensites Case Studies Exercises References Further Readings Solutions to Exercises Compiled by John C. Ion

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01 Jan 1965
Abstract: Part I General introduction. Formal geometry of crystal lattices. The theory of reaction rates. The thermodynamics of irreversable processes. The structure of real metals. Solids solutions. The theory of dislocations. Polycrystalline aggregates. Diffusion in the solid state. The classical theory of nucleation. Theory of thermally activated growth. Formal theory of transformation kinetics. Part II Growth from the vapour phase. Solidification and melting. Polymorphic Changes. Precipitation from supersaturated solid solution. Eutectoidal transformations. Order-disorder transformations. Recovery recrystalisation and grain growth. Deformation twinning. Characteristics of martensic transformations. Crystallography of martensitic transformations. Kinetics of martensitic transformations. Rapid solidification. Bainite steels. Shape memory alloys.

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