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Open innovation

About: Open innovation is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 8891 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 238827 citation(s).

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01 Mar 2003
Abstract: The article reviews the book “Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting From Technology,” by Henry Chesbrough.

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01 Jan 2012
Abstract: Part 1 Towards a new approach to national systems of innovation: institutional learning, Bjorn Johnson user-producer relationships and national systems of innovation, Bengt-Ake Lundvall approaching national systems of innovation from the production and linkage structure, Esben Sloth Andersen. Part 2 A closer look at national systems of innovation: work organization and the innovation design dilemma, Allan Naes Gjerding innovation and the development of industrial networks, Lars Gelsing the public sector as a pacer in national systems of innovation, Birgitte Gregersen the role of finance in national systems of innovation, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen national systems of education and vocational training, Jarl Bengtsson formal scientific and technical institutions in the national system of innovation, Christopher Freeman. Part 3 Opening national systems of innovation - specialization, multinational corporations and integration: export specialization, structural competitiveness and national systems of innovation, Bent Dalum the home market hypothesis re-examined - the impact of domestic user-producer interaction on export specialization, Jan Fragerberg national systems of innovation, multinational enterprises and the contemporary process of globalization, Francois Chesnais integration, innovation and policy with special respect to EC and IT, Esben Sloth-Andersen and Asger Braendgaard perspectives and policy conclusions, Bengt-Ake Lundvall et al.

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TL;DR: Using a large-scale sample of industrial firms, this paper links search strategy to innovative performance, finding that searching widely and deeply is curvilinearly (taking an inverted U-shape) related to performance.
Abstract: A central part of the innovation process concerns the way firms go about organizing search for new ideas that have commercial potential. New models of innovation have suggested that many innovative firms have changed the way they search for new ideas, adopting open search strategies that involve the use of a wide range of external actors and sources to help them achieve and sustain innovation. Using a large-scale sample of industrial firms, this paper links search strategy to innovative performance, finding that searching widely and deeply is curvilinearly (taking an inverted U-shape) related to performance. Copyright © 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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01 Jan 1997
Abstract: Managing Innovation provides readers with the knowledge to understand, and the skills to manage, innovation at the operational and strategic levels. Specifically, it integrates the management of market, organizational and technological change to improve the competitiveness of firms and effectiveness of other organizations. The management of innovation is inherently interdisciplinary and multifunctional and Tidd, Bessant & Pavitt provide an integrative approach to the subject. Two new perspectives are introduced through which to re-examine material presented in each chapter: sustaining versus disruptive innovation (a greater emphasis will be placed on disruptive innovation) and organizations versus networks (greater discussion of the network issues raised in each chapter). Provides more treatment of innovation in services. Greater internationalization of case examples will be provided e.g. more examples will be included from Asia and Latin America. Introduces discussion of the relationship between innovation and the environment.

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Abstract: 1 Open Innovation: A New Paradigm for Understanding Industrial Innovation SECTION I: FIRMS IMPLEMENTING OPEN INNOVATION 2 New Puzzles and New Findings 3 Whither Core Competency for the Large Corporation in an Open Innovation World? 4 Open, Radical Innovation: Toward an Integrated Model in Large Established Firms 5 Patterns of Open Innovation in Open Source Software SECTION II: INSTITUTIONS GOVERNING OPEN INNOVATION 6 Does Appropriability Enable or Retard Open Innovation? 7 The Use of University Research in Firm Innovation 8 Open Standards and Intellectual Property Rights 9 The Use of Intellectual Property in Software: Implications for Open Innovation SECTION III: NETWORKS SHAPING OPEN INNOVATION 10 The Inter-organizational Context of Open Innovation 11 Knowledge Networks and the Geographic Locus of Innovation 12 Open Innovation in Systemic Innovation Contexts 13 Open Innovation in Value Networks SECTION IV: CONCLUSIONS 14 Open Innovation: A Research Agenda

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