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Optical amplifier

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01 May 1984-
Abstract: Introduction. Nonlinear Optical Susceptibilities. General Description of Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Media. Electrooptical and Magnetooptical Effects. Optical Rectification and Optical Field-Induced Magnetization. Sum-Frequency Generation. Harmonic Generation. Difference Frequency Generation. Parametric Amplification and Oscillation. Stimulated Raman Scattering. Stimulated Light Scattering. Two-Photon Absorption. High-Resolution Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy. Four-Wave Mixing. Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy. Optical-Field-Induced Birefringence. Self-Focusing. Multiphoton Spectroscopy. Detection of Rare Atoms and Molecules. Laser Manipulation of Particles. Transient Coherent Optical Effects. Strong Interaction of Light with Atoms. Infrared Multiphoton Excitation and Dissociation of Molecules. Laser Isotope Separation. Surface Nonlinear Optics. Nonlinear Optics in Optical Waveguides. Optical Breakdown. Nonlinear Optical Effects in Plasmas. Index. more

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Alexander W. Fang1, Hyundai Park1, Oded Cohen2, Richard Jones2  +2 moreInstitutions (2)
02 Oct 2006-Optics Express
TL;DR: An electrically pumped AlGaInAs-silicon evanescent laser architecture where the laser cavity is defined solely by the silicon waveguide and needs no critical alignment to the III-V active material during fabrication via wafer bonding is reported. more

Abstract: An electrically pumped light source on silicon is a key element needed for photonic integrated circuits on silicon. Here we report an electrically pumped AlGaInAs-silicon evanescent laser architecture where the laser cavity is defined solely by the silicon waveguide and needs no critical alignment to the III-V active material during fabrication via wafer bonding. This laser runs continuous-wave (c.w.) with a threshold of 65 mA, a maximum output power of 1.8 mW with a differential quantum efficiency of 12.7 % and a maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees C. This approach allows for 100's of lasers to be fabricated in one bonding step, making it suitable for high volume, low-cost, integration. By varying the silicon waveguide dimensions and the composition of the III-V layer, this architecture can be extended to fabricate other active devices on silicon such as optical amplifiers, modulators and photo-detectors. more

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L.E. Myers1, R. C. Eckardt1, Martin M. Fejer1, Robert L. Byer1  +2 moreInstitutions (1)
Abstract: We review progress in quasi-phase-matched optical parametric oscillators in bulk periodically poled LiNbO3. Using the electric-field poling process, we can reliably fabricate 0.5-mm-thick crystals with uniform domain structures over a 15-mm length. Periodically poled material retains the low-loss and bulk power handling properties of single-domain LiNbO3, and quasi phase matching permits noncritical phase matching with d33, the highest-valued nonlinear coefficient. Optical parametric oscillators pumped by 1.064-μm pulsed Nd:YAG lasers have been operated over the wavelength range 1.4–4 μm with tuning by temperature or by quasi-phase-matched period. We have shown an oscillation threshold as low as 0.012 mJ with a Q-switched pump laser and pumping at greater than ten times threshold without damage. We have also demonstrated a cw doubly resonant oscillator near 1.96 μm pumped directly with a commercial cw diode laser at 978 nm. more

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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: 1. Electromagnetic Theory 2. The Propagation of Rays and Beams 3. Propagation of Optical Beams in Fibers 4. Optical Resonators 5. Interaction of Radiation and Atomic Systems 6. Theory of Laser Oscillation and its Control in the Continuous and Pulsed Regimes 7. Some Specific Laser Systems 8. Second-Harmonic Generation and Parametric oscillation 9. Electronic Modulation of Laser Beams 10. Noise in Optical Detection and Generation 11. Detection of Optical Radiation 12. Interaction of Light and Sound 13. Propagation of Coupling Modes in Optical Dielectric Waveguides-Periodic Waveguides 14. Holography and Optical Data Storage 15. Semiconductor Lasers-Theory and Applications 16. Advanced Semiconductor Lasers: Quantum Well Lasers, Distributed Feedback Lasers, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers 17. Phase Conjugate Optics - Theory and Applications 18. Two-Beam Coupling and Phase Conjugation in Photorefractive Media 19. Optical Solitons 20. A Classical Treatment of Quantum Optics Appendices A. The Kramers-Kroning relations B. The Electrooptic Effect in Cubic 43m Crystals C. Noise in Traveling Wave Lasers Amplifiers D. Transformation of a coherent more

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Abstract: Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers are modeled using the propagation and rate equations of a homogeneous two-level laser medium. Numerical methods are used to analyze the effects of optical modes and erbium confinement on amplifier performance, and to calculate both the gain and amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) spectra. Fibers with confined erbium doping are completely characterized from easily measured parameters: the ratio of the linear ion density to fluorescence lifetime, and the absorption of gain spectra. Analytical techniques then allow accurate evaluation of gain, saturation, and noise in low-gain amplifiers (G > more

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