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Optimal design

About: Optimal design is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 10857 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 202844 citation(s). The topic is also known as: optimum design & optimal experimental design.

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01 Dec 1999
TL;DR: This book discusses conceptual Bases of Experimental Design and Analysis, model Comparisons for Between-Subjects Designs, and an Introduction to Multilevel Hierarchical Mixed Models: Nested Designs.
Abstract: Contents: Preface. Part I: Conceptual Bases of Experimental Design and Analysis. The Logic of Experimental Design. Introduction to the Fisher Tradition. Part II: Model Comparisons for Between-Subjects Designs. Introduction to Model Comparisons: One-Way Between-Subjects Designs. Individual Comparisons of Means. Testing Several Contrasts: The Multiple-Comparison Problem. Trend Analysis. Two-Way Between-Subjects Factorial Designs. Higher Order Between-Subjects Factorial Designs. Designs With Covariates: ANCOVA and Blocking. Designs With Random or Nested Factors. Part III: Model Comparisons for Designs Involving Within-Subjects Factors. One-Way Within-Subjects Designs: Univariate Approach. Higher-Order Designs With Within-Subjects Factors: Univariate Approach. One-Way Within-Subjects Designs: Multivariate Approach. Higher Order Designs With Within-Subjects Factors: Multivariate Approach. Part IV: Alternative Analysis Strategies. An Introduction to Multilevel Models for Within-Subjects Designs. An Introduction to Multilevel Hierarchical Mixed Models: Nested Designs. Appendices: Statistical Tables. Part 1. Linear Models: The Relation Between ANOVA and Regression. Part 2. A Brief Primer of Principles of Formulating and Comparing Models. Notes. Solutions to Selected Exercises. References.

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08 Mar 1993
Abstract: Experimental Designs in Linear Models Optimal Designs for Scalar Parameter Systems Information Matrices Loewner Optimality Real Optimality Criteria Matrix Means The General Equivalence Theorem Optimal Moment Matrices and Optimal Designs D-, A-, E-, T-Optimality Admissibility of Moment and Information Matrices Bayes Designs and Discrimination Designs Efficient Designs for Finite Sample Sizes Invariant Design Problems Kiefer Optimality Rotatability and Response Surface Designs Comments and References Biographies Bibliography Index.

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27 Sep 2011
Abstract: 1 Introduction -- 1.1 Passivity, Optimality, and Stability -- 1.2 Feedback Passivation -- 1.3 Cascade Designs -- 1.4 Lyapunov Constructions -- 1.5 Recursive Designs -- 1.6 Book Style and Notation -- 2 Passivity Concepts as Design Tools -- 2.1 Dissipativity and Passivity -- 2.2 Interconnections of Passive Systems -- 2.3 Lyapunov Stability and Passivity -- 2.4 Feedback Passivity -- 2.5 Summary -- 2.6 Notes and References -- 3 Stability Margins and Optimality -- 3.1 Stability Margins for Linear Systems -- 3.2 Input Uncertainties -- 3.3 Optimality, Stability, and Passivity -- 3.4 Stability Margins of Optimal Systems -- 3.5 Inverse Optimal Design -- 3.6 Summary -- 3.7 Notes and References -- 4 Cascade Designs -- 4.1 Cascade Systems -- 4.2 Partial-State Feedback Designs -- 4.3 Feedback Passivation of Cascades -- 4.4 Designs for the TORA System -- 4.5 Output Peaking: an Obstacle to Global Stabilization -- 4.6 Summary -- 4.7 Notes and References -- 5 Construction of Lyapunov functions -- 5.1 Composite Lyapunov functions for cascade systems -- 5.2 Lyapunov Construction with a Cross-Term -- 5.3 Relaxed Constructions -- 5.4 Stabilization of Augmented Cascades -- 5.5 Lyapunov functions for adaptive control -- 5.6 Summary -- 5.7 Notes and references -- 6 Recursive designs -- 6.1 Backstepping -- 6.2 Forwarding -- 6.3 Interlaced Systems -- 6.4 Summary and Perspectives -- 6.5 Notes and References -- A Basic geometric concepts -- A.1 Relative Degree -- A.2 Normal Form -- A.3 The Zero Dynamics -- A.4 Right-Invertibility -- A.5 Geometric properties -- B Proofs of Theorems 3.18 and 4.35 -- B.1 Proof of Theorem 3.18 -- B.2 Proof of Theorem 4.35.

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