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Pisano period

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01 Jan 2001-
Abstract: Preface. List of Symbols. Leonardo Fibonacci. The Rabbit Problem. Fibonacci Numbers in Nature. Fibonacci Numbers: Additional Occurrances. Fibonacci and Lucas Identities. Geometric Paradoxes. Generalized Fibonacci Numbers. Additional Fibonacci and Lucas Formulas. The Euclidean Algorithm. Solving Recurrence Relations. Completeness Theorems. Pascal's Triangle. Pascal-Like Triangles. Additional Pascal-Like Triangles. Hosoya's Triangle. Divisibility Properties. Generalized Fibonacci Numbers Revisited. Generating Functions. Generating Functions Revisited. The Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio Revisited. Golden Triangles. Golden Rectangles. Fibonacci Geometry. Regular Pentagons. The Golden Ellipse and Hyperbola. Continued Fractions. Weighted Fibonacci and Lucas Sums. Weighted Fibonacci and Lucas Sums Revisited. The Knapsack Problem. Fibonacci Magic Squares. Fibonacci Matrices. Fibonacci Determinants. Fibonacci and Lucas Congruences. Fibonacci and Lucas Periodicity. Fibonacci and Lucas Series. Fibonacci Polynomials. Lucas Polynomials. Jacobsthal Polynomials. Zeros of Fibonacci and Lucas Polynomials. Morgan-Voyce Polynomials. Fibonometry. Fibonacci and Lucas Subscripts. Gaussian Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers. Analytic Extensions. Tribonacci Numbers. Tribonacci Polynomials. Appendix 1: Fundamentals. Appendix 2: The First 100 Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers. Appendix 3: The First 100 Fibonacci Numbers and Their Prime Factorizations. Appendix 4: The First 100 Lucas Numbers and Their Prime Factorizations. References. Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises. Index. more

Topics: Lucas number (86%), Fibonacci polynomials (85%), Fibonacci number (82%) more

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BookDOI: 10.1002/9781118033067
19 Sep 2001-
Topics: Lucas number (86%), Fibonacci polynomials (81%), Lucas sequence (76%) more

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01 Jan 2003-
Abstract: 1. Fibonacci identities 2. Lucas identities 3. Gibonacci identities 4. Linear recurrences 5. Continued fractions 6. Binomial identities 7. Alternating sign binomial identities 8. Harmonic numbers and Stirling numbers 9. Number theory 10. Advanced Fibonacci and Lucas identities. more

Topics: Lucas number (66%), Fibonacci polynomials (64%), Lucas sequence (61%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1080/00029890.1961.11989696
A. F. Horadam1Institutions (1)
Topics: Fibonacci number (82%), Fibonacci word (81%), Pisano period (79%) more

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17 Dec 1997-
Abstract: Basic properties of the golden ratio geometric problems in two dimensions geometric problems in three dimensions Fibonacci numbers Lucas numbers and generalized Fibonacci numbers continued fractions and rational approximants generalized Fibonacci representation theorems optimal spacing and search algorithms commensurate and incommensurate projections Penrose tilings quasicrystallography biological applications construction of the regular pentagon the first 100 Fibonacci and Lucas numbers relationships involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. more

Topics: Lucas number (80%), Fibonacci number (79%), Fibonacci polynomials (78%) more

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