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Plug flow

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Yutaka Tsuji1, Toshitsugu Tanaka1, T. Ishida1Institutions (1)
01 Sep 1992-Powder Technology
Abstract: Lagrangian-type numerical simulation was carried out on plug flow of cohesionless, spherical particles conveyed in a horizontal pipe. The motion of individual particles contacting each other was calculated using the equations of motion and a modified Cundall model. Forces between particles were expressed by using the Hertzian contact theory. The Ergun Equation was applied to give the fluid force acting on particles in a moving or stationary bed. The flow patterns obtained in the present work appear to be realistic. The wave-like motion of the flow boundary reported previously by several other researchers was observed clearly in the simulation. Also, good agreement was obtained for the relation between the height of the stationary deposited layer and the plug flow velocity. Due to the limitations of computation time, only the case of large particles (ie. d > 10 mm) could be considered here. more

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Abstract: Chemical kinetic modeling of high temperature hydrocarbon oxidation in combustion is reviewed. First, reaction mechanisms for specific fuels are discussed, with emphasis on the hierarchical structure of reaction mechanisms for complex fuels. The concept of a comprehensive mechanism is developed, requiring model validation by comparison with data from a wide range of experimental regimes. Fuels of increasing complexity from hydrogen to n -butane are described in detail, and further extensions of the general approach to other fuels are discussed. Kinetic modification to fuel oxidation kinetics is considered, including both inhibition and promotion of combustion. Simplified kinetic models are then described by comparing their features with those of detailed kinetic models. Finally, application of kinetic models to study real combustions systems are presented, beginning with purely kinetic-thermodynamic applications, in which transport effects such as diffusion of heat and mass can be neglected, such as shock tubes, detonations, plug flow reactors, and stirred reactors. Laminar flames and the coupling between diffusive transport and chemical kinetics are then described, together with applications of laminar flame models to practical combustion problems. more

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Abstract: The Navier‐Stokes equations have been solved to obtain a complete description of the fluid flow in a channel having a rectangular cross section and two equally porous walls. The scope has been limited to two‐dimensional incompressible steady‐state laminar flow.The solution of the flow equations leads to detailed expressions for the dependence of the velocity components and the pressure on position coordinates, channel dimensions, and fluid properties. more

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