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Power factor

About: Power factor is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 60530 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 768235 citation(s). The topic is also known as: electric power factor. more


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01 Jan 1994-
Abstract: Part I: Characteristics of Modern Power Systems. Introduction to the Power System Stability Problem. Part II: Synchronous Machine Theory and Modelling. Synchronous Machine Parameters. Synchronous Machine Representation in Stability Studies. AC Transmission. Power System Loads. Excitation in Stability Studies. Prime Mover and Energy Supply Systems. High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission. Control of Active Power and Reactive Power. Part III: Small Signal Stability. Transient Stability. Voltage Stability. Subsynchronous Machine Representation in Stability Studies. AC Transmission. Power System Loads. Excitation in Stability Studies. Prime Mover and Energy Supply Systems, High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission. Control of Active Power and Reactive Power. Part III: Small Signal Stability. Transient Stability. Voltage Stability. Subsynchronous Oscillations. Mid-Term and Long-Term Stability. Methods of Improving System Stability. more

Topics: Power factor (61%), Electric power system (60%), AC power (59%) more

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26 Jul 1989-
Abstract: Partial table of contents: Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches Computer Simulation of Power Electronic Converters and Systems GENERIC POWER ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS dc--dc Switch-Mode Converters Resonant Converters: Zero-Voltage and/or Zero-Current Switchings POWER SUPPLY APPLICATIONS Power Conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supplies MOTOR DRIVE APPLICATIONS dc Motor Drives Induction Motor Drives Synchronous Motor Drives OTHER APPLICATIONS Residential and Industrial Applications Optimizing the Utility Interface with Power Electronic Systems SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Basic Semiconductor Physics Power Diodes Power MOSFETs Thyristors Emerging Devices and Circuits PRACTICAL CONVERTER DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Snubber Circuits Gate and Base Drive Circuits Design of Magnetic Components Index more

Topics: Power module (67%), Switched-mode power supply (65%), Power electronics (64%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TIA.1984.4504460
Abstract: The conventional reactive power in single-phase or three- phase circuits has been defined on the basis of the average value concept for sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms in steady states. The instantaneous reactive power in three-phase circuits is defined on the basis of the instantaneous value concept for arbitrary voltage and current waveforms, including transient states. A new instantaneous reactive power compensator comprising switching devices is proposed which requires practically no energy storage components. more

Topics: Volt-ampere reactive (62%), AC power (62%), Power factor (62%) more

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01 Jan 2007-
Abstract: Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1. Concepts and Evolution of Electric Power Theory. 1.2. Applications of the p-q Theory to Power Electronics Equipment. 1.3. Harmonic Voltages in Power Systems. 1.4. Identified and Unidentified Harmonic-Producing Loads. 1.5. Harmonic Current and Voltage Sources. 1.6. Basic Principles of Harmonic Compensation. 1.7. Basic Principles of Power Flow Control. References. 2. Electric Power Definitions: Background. 2.1. Power Definitions Under Sinusoidal Conditions. 2.2. Voltage and Current Phasors and the Complex Impedance. 2.3. Complex Power and Power Factor. 2.4. Concepts of Power Under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions -Conventional Approaches. 2.5. Electric Power in Three-Phase Systems. 2.6. Summary. References. 3 The Instantaneous Power Theory. 3.1. Basis of the p-q Theory. 3.2. The p-q Theory in Three-Phase, Three-Wire Systems. 3.3. The p-q Theory in Three-Phase, Four-Wire Systems. 3.4. Instantaneous abc Theory. 3.5. Comparisons between the p-q Theory and the abc Theory. 3.6. Summary. References. 4 Shunt Active Filters. 4.1. General Description of Shunt Active Filters. 4.2. Three-Phase, Three-Wire Shunt Active Filters. 4.3. Three-Phase, Four-Wire Shunt Active Filters. 4.4. Shunt Selective Harmonic Compensation. 4.5. Summary. References. 5 Hybrid and Series Active Filters. 5.1. Basic Series Active Filter. 5.2. Combined Series Active Filter and Shunt Passive Filter. 5.3. Series Active Filter Integrated with a Double-Series Diode Rectifier. 5.4. Comparisons Between Hybrid and Pure Active Filters. 5.5. Conclusions. References. 6 Combined Series and Shunt Power Conditioners. 6.1. The Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). 6.2. The Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC). 6.3. The Universal Active Power Line Conditioner (UPLC). 6.4. Summary. References. Index. more

Topics: Power factor (64%), Unified power flow controller (60%), Active filter (60%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TIE.2004.825341
Bhim Singh1, Brij N. Singh2, Ambrish Chandra, Kamal Al-Haddad  +2 moreInstitutions (2)
Abstract: Solid-state switch-mode rectification converters have reached a matured level for improving power quality in terms of power-factor correction (PFC), reduced total harmonic distortion at input AC mains and precisely regulated DC output in buck, boost, buck-boost and multilevel modes with unidirectional and bidirectional power flow. This paper deals with a comprehensive review of improved power quality converters (IPQCs) configurations, control approaches, design features, selection of components, other related considerations, and their suitability and selection for specific applications. It is targeted to provide a wide spectrum on the status of IPQC technology to researchers, designers and application engineers working on switched-mode AC-DC converters. A classified list of more than 450 research publications on the state of art of IPQC is also given for a quick reference. more

Topics: Power factor (57%), Converters (53%), Total harmonic distortion (52%)

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