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Power seat

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05 Aug 1991-
Abstract: A power seat track apparatus for selectively positioning an automotive vehicle seat is adapted to be powered by an electric motor drive, preferably with separate motors for each drive direction. The seat back is mounted on the upper track of the seat track mechanism for horizontal drive with the track. The vertical drive through front and rear torsion tubes or bars act on only the seat pan and seat cushion but not on the seat back. Since the vehicle shock loading requirements must be met by the structural seat pan or seat frame, the pan for holding only the seat cushion may be reduced in size as compared to the usual power seat frame. The front of the seat cushion is interconnected with the pan through a lost motion pivot and the rear portion of the seat cushion is interconnected with the seat pan through a fixed pivot connection whereby simultaneous elevation and shortening of the seat cushion with respect to the seat back is effected. more

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30 Jul 1985-
Abstract: Apparatus for controlling a plurality of power seats in a vehicle includes a plurality of power seats, each having adjusting mechanisms for configuring the power seat in a number of different operational states. Operational state detectors then detect the operational state of each power seat. A switching device is provided for adjusting the adjustment mechanisms of the power seats to a desired operational state. Control apparatus is responsive to signals output from the operation state detection devices and the switching device for controlling the adjustment mechanisms of the power seats. The control apparatus causes each power seat to reach its desired operational state in response to the detected operational state of that seat and other power seats to prevent interference among the plurality of moving power seats. more

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30 Mar 1990-
Abstract: A power seat slide device for an automobile seat includes upper and lower guide rails and a nut and screw assembly for relative slidable movement between the upper and lower guide rails. Rollers are disposed in the lower guide rails and rotatably supported between the upper and lower guide rails. The power seat slide device further includes shoes or balls between the engagement portions provided on each of the upper and lower guide rails. more

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12 Jul 2006-
Abstract: A power folding seat for installation within a vehicle includes a seat cushion mountable to the vehicle, a seat back pivotally coupled to the seat cushion, and a power actuator disposed within the seat back for automatically rotating the seat back between an upright position and a folded position. The power actuator includes a power seat recliner, a latch assembly, a power head restraint adjuster, and a control system coupled to the power seat recliner, the latch assembly, and the power head restraint adjuster. The control system includes a signal receiver which is configured to receive commands from a remote transmitter, and a data processor coupled to the signal receiver. The data processor controls the power seat recliner, the power latch actuator and the power head restraint adjuster, and is configured to move the seat back between the upright position and the folded position in accordance with the received remote commands. more

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04 Aug 1995-
Abstract: A power seat adjuster for bucket type vehicle seats includes inboard and outboard track assemblies each including a fixed lower section, a movable upper or movable section and a precision sliding interface including roller bearings between the moving upper track and the fixed lower track, the surfaces of the tracks that are engaged by the roller bearings being crowned to provide a bearing surface that is slightly convex when the seat is unoccupied but which becomes nearly flat when the seat is occupied, and the bearing surfaces of the track being coated with a multi-layer dry film lubricant including a base coating of an anti-friction material and a top coating of an anti-stick material. The power seat adjuster includes screw drive mechanisms for providing horizontal fore-and-aft adjustment, vertical up-and-down adjustment and adjustment in the inclination of the seat back, with the length of travel being limited by travel limit stops, that include anti-jam mechanisms which are adapted to reduce the breakaway torque required to move the drive screws of the screw drive mechanisms away from either end position. more

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