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Quantization (physics)

About: Quantization (physics) is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 20776 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 562403 citation(s). The topic is also known as: quantisation.
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01 Jan 1980-
Abstract: This book is a modern pedagogic introduction to the ideas and techniques of quantum field theory. After a brief overview of particle physics and a survey of relativistic wave equations and Lagrangian methods, the quantum theory of scalar and spinor fields, and then of gauge fields, is developed. The emphasis throughout is on functional methods, which have played a large part in modern field theory. The book concludes with a brief survey of 'topological' objects in field theory and, new to this edition, a chapter devoted to supersymmetry.

8,575 citations

01 Jan 1965-
Abstract: Au sommaire : 1.The fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics ; 2.The quantum-mechanical law of motion ; 3.Developing the concepts with special examples ; 4.The schrodinger description of quantum mechanics ; 5.Measurements and operators ; 6.The perturbation method in quantum mechanics ; 7.Transition elements ; 8.Harmonic oscillators ; 9.Quantum electrodynamics ; 10.Statistical mechanics ; 11.The variational method ; 12.Other problems in probability.

7,993 citations

01 Jan 1982-
Abstract: This book presents a comprehensive review of the subject of gravitational effects in quantum field theory. Although the treatment is general, special emphasis is given to the Hawking black hole evaporation effect, and to particle creation processes in the early universe. The last decade has witnessed a phenomenal growth in this subject. This is the first attempt to collect and unify the vast literature that has contributed to this development. All the major technical results are presented, and the theory is developed carefully from first principles. Here is everything that students or researchers will need to embark upon calculations involving quantum effects of gravity at the so-called one-loop approximation level.

6,348 citations

01 Jan 1930-

5,949 citations

01 Jan 1960-
Abstract: This book offers a concise introduction to the angular momentum, one of the most fundamental quantities in all of quantum mechanics. Beginning with the quantization of angular momentum, spin angular momentum, and the orbital angular momentum, the author goes on to discuss the Clebsch-Gordan coefficients for a two-component system. After developing the necessary mathematics, specifically spherical tensors and tensor operators, the author then investigates the 3-j, 6-j, and 9-j symbols. Throughout, the author provides practical applications to atomic, molecular, and nuclear physics. These include partial-wave expansions, the emission and absorption of particles, the proton and electron quadrupole moment, matrix element calculation in practice, and the properties of the symmetrical top molecule.

5,050 citations

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