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Quantum process

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29 Aug 2002-
Abstract: PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PART 1: PROBABILITY IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS 1. Classical probability theory and stochastic processes 2. Quantum Probability PART 2: DENSITY MATRIX THEORY 3. Quantum Master Equations 4. Decoherence PART 3: STOCHASTIC PROCESSES IN HILBERT SPACE 5. Probability distributions on Hilbert space 6. Stochastic dynamics in Hilbert space 7. The stochastic simulation method 8. Applications to quantum optical systems PART 4: NON-MARKOVIAN QUANTUM PROCESSES 9. Projection operator techniques 10. Non-Markovian dynamics in physical systems PART 5: RELATIVISTIC QUANTUM PROCESSES 11. Measurements in relativistic quantum mechanics 12. Open quantum electrodynamics more

Topics: Quantum probability (80%), Open quantum system (76%), Quantum state (74%) more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1007/BF01608499
Göran Lindblad1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The notion of a quantum dynamical semigroup is defined using the concept of a completely positive map. An explicit form of a bounded generator of such a semigroup onB(ℋ) is derived. This is a quantum analogue of the Levy-Khinchin formula. As a result the general form of a large class of Markovian quantum-mechanical master equations is obtained. more

Topics: Quantum dynamical semigroup (71%), Quantum process (62%), Semigroup (62%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1038/299802A0
28 Oct 1982-Nature
Abstract: If a photon of definite polarization encounters an excited atom, there is typically some nonvanishing probability that the atom will emit a second photon by stimulated emission. Such a photon is guaranteed to have the same polarization as the original photon. But is it possible by this or any other process to amplify a quantum state, that is, to produce several copies of a quantum system (the polarized photon in the present case) each having the same state as the original? If it were, the amplifying process could be used to ascertain the exact state of a quantum system: in the case of a photon, one could determine its polarization by first producing a beam of identically polarized copies and then measuring the Stokes parameters1. We show here that the linearity of quantum mechanics forbids such replication and that this conclusion holds for all quantum systems. more

Topics: Photon polarization (66%), Qubit (65%), Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (63%) more

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15 Dec 1999-
Abstract: Fundamentals Survey of the Various Approaches Path Integral Description of Open Quantum Systems Imaginary-Time and Real-Time Approaches Influence Functional Method Phenomenological and Microscopic System-Plus-Reservoir Models Linear and Nonlinear Quantum Environments Ohmic, Super-Ohmic, and Sub-Ohmic Dissipation Quantum Decoherence and Relaxation Correlation Functions, Response Functions, and Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem Damped Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator Quantum Brownian Motion Thermodynamic Variational Approach and Effective Potential Method Unified Approach to Quantum-Statistical Metastability: From Thermal Activation to Quantum Tunneling Electron Transfer and Incoherent Tunneling Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Josephson Systems Spin-Boson Model and Qubit Dissipative Two-State System: Thermodynamics and Dynamics Single-Charge and Cooper-Pair Tunneling Magnetic and Spin Tunneling Driven Quantum Tunneling Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Full Counting Statistics Charge Transport in Quantum Impurity Systems Duality and Self-Duality. more

Topics: Open quantum system (77%), Quantum technology (76%), Quantum dissipation (75%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVA.52.R2493
Peter W. Shor1Institutions (1)
01 Oct 1995-Physical Review A
Abstract: In the mid-1990s, theorists devised methods to preserve the integrity of quantum bits---techniques that may become the key to practical quantum computing on a large scale. more

Topics: Quantum technology (70%), Quantum network (70%), Quantum error correction (69%) more

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