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01 Jan 1993-
TL;DR: The adaptive decision maker: a look backward and a look forward Appendix Footnotes Bibliography. more

Abstract: Preface 1. Adaptive decision behaviour: an introduction 2. Contingencies in decision making 3. Deciding how to decide: an effort/accuracy framework 4. Studying contingent decisions: an integrated methodology 5. Constructive processes in decision making 6. Why may adaptivity fail? 7. Improving decisions and other practical matters 8. The adaptive decision maker: a look backward and a look forward Appendix Footnotes Bibliography. more

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Herbert A. Simon1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 1960-

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Thomas M. Jones1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Existing theoretical models of individual ethical decision making in organizations place little or no emphasis on characteristics of the ethical issue itself. This article (a) proposes an issue-contingent model containing a new set of variables called moral intensity; (b) using concepts, theory, and evidence derived largely from social psychology, argues that moral intensity influences every component of moral decision making and behavior; (c) offers four research propositions: and (d) discusses implications of the theory. more

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Linda Klebe Treviño1Institutions (1)
Abstract: An interactionist model of ethical decision making in organizations is proposed. The model combines individual variables (moral development, etc.) with situational variables to explain and predict the ethical decision-making behavior of individuals in organizations. A major component of the model is based on Kohlberg's cognitive moral development model which provides the construct definition, measurement tools, and theory base to guide future business ethics research. Research propositions are offered and practical implications are discussed. more

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18 Feb 1999-
Abstract: Chronicling the strengths used in making difficult decisions learning from the firefighters the recognition-primed decision model the power of intuition the power of mental simulation the Vincennes shootdown mental simulation and decision making the power to spot leverage points nonlinear aspects of problem solving the power to see the invisible the power of stories the power of metaphors and analogues the power of read minds the power of the team mind the power of rational analysis and the problem of hyperrationality why good people make poor decisions conclusions. more

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