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RC circuit

About: RC circuit is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 5824 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 62152 citation(s). The topic is also known as: resistor–capacitor circuit & RC filter.

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01 Jan 1986
Abstract: Transformation Methods. MOS Devices as Circuit Elements. MOS Operational Amplifiers. Switched-Capacitor Filters. Nonfiltering Applications of Switched-Capacitor Circuits. Nonideal Effects in Switched-Capacitor Circuits. Systems Considerations and Applications. Index.

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TL;DR: Upper and lower bounds for delay that are computationally simple are presented in this paper and can be used to bound the delay, given the signal threshold, and to certify that a circuit is "fast enough," given both the maximum delay and the voltage threshold.
Abstract: In MOS integrated circuits, signals may propagate between stages with fanout. The exact calculation of signal delay through such networks is difficult. However, upper and lower bounds for delay that are computationally simple are presented in this paper. The results can be used 1) to bound the delay, given the signal threshold, or 2) to bound the signal voltage, given a delay time, or 3) certify that a circuit is "fast enough," given both the maximum delay and the voltage threshold.

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Takayasu Sakurai1
Abstract: A closed-form formula for a waveform of the RC interconnection line with practical boundary conditions is derived. Expressions are also derived for the voltage slope and transition time of the RC interconnection and for coupling capacitance and crosstalk voltage height, which can be used in VLSI designs. Using the expressions, the optimum linewidth that minimizes RC delay and the trend of RC delay in the scaled-down VLSIs are discussed. >

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Abstract: We present design techniques that make possible the operation of analog circuits with very low supply voltages, down to 0.5 V. We use operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) and filter design as a vehicle to introduce these techniques. Two OTAs, one with body inputs and the other with gate inputs, are designed. Biasing strategies to maintain common-mode voltages and attain maximum signal swing over process, voltage, and temperature are proposed. Prototype chips were fabricated in a 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS process using standard 0.5-V V/sub T/ devices. The body-input OTA has a measured 52-dB DC gain, a 2.5-MHz gain-bandwidth, and consumes 110 /spl mu/W. The gate-input OTA has a measured 62-dB DC gain (with automatic gain-enhancement), a 10-MHz gain-bandwidth, and consumes 75 /spl mu/W. Design techniques for active-RC filters are also presented. Weak-inversion MOS varactors are proposed and modeled. These are used along with 0.5-V gate-input OTAs to design a fully integrated, 135-kHz fifth-order elliptic low-pass filter. The prototype chip in a 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS process with V/sub T/ of 0.5-V also includes an on-chip phase-locked loop for tuning. The 1-mm/sup 2/ chip has a measured dynamic range of 57 dB and draws 2.2 mA from the 0.5-V supply.

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07 Apr 2004
Abstract: A fully protected H-bridge for a d-c motor consists of two high side MOSFETs and a control and logic IC on a first conductive heat sink all within a first package and two discrete low side MOSFETs. The entire bridge is controlled by the IC. Shoot thru protection is provided for each leg, and a PMW soft start sequence is provided through the control of the low side MOSFETs, programed by an external, chargeable RC circuit. Input signals to the high side MOSFETs select the operation modes. Protective circuits are provided for short circuit current and over current conditions. Sleep mode and braking/non braking control is also provided.

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