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About: Rectifier is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 35134 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 267352 citation(s). The topic is also known as: one-way conductor.

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30 Sep 2001
Abstract: This paper proposes a step-by-step procedure for designing the LCL filter of a front-end three-phase active rectifier. The primary goal is to reduce the switching frequency ripple at a reasonable cost, while at the same time achieving a high-performance front-end rectifier (as characterized by a rapid dynamic response and good stability margin). An example LCL filter design is reported and a filter has been built and tested using the values obtained from this design. The experimental results demonstrate the performance of the design procedure both for the LCL filter and for the rectifier controller. The system is stable and the grid current harmonic content is low both in the lowand high-frequency ranges. Moreover, the good agreement that was obtained between simulation and experimental results validates the proposed approach. Hence, the design procedure and the simulation model provide a powerful tool to design an LCL-filter-based active rectifier while avoiding trial-and-error procedures that can result in having to build several filter prototypes.

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01 Jan 1991
Abstract: 1. Introduction. 2. Form and Function: An Overview. 3. Introduction to Rectifier Circuits. 4. Bridge and Polyphase Rectifier Circuits. 5. Phase-Controlled Converters. 6. High-Frequency Switching dc/dc Converters. 7. Isolated High-Frequency dc/dc Converters. 8. Variable-Frequency dc/ac Converters. 9. Resonant Converters. 10. ac/ac Converters. 11. Dynamics and Control: An Overview. 12. State-Space Models. 13. Linear and Piecewise Linear Models. 14. Feedback Control Design. 15. Components: An Overview. 16. Review of Semiconductor Devices. 17. Power Diodes. 18. Power Transistors. 19. Thyristors. 20. Magnetic Components. 21. Ancillary Issues: An Overview. 22. Gate and Base Drives. 23. Thyristor Commutation Circuits. 24. Snubber Circuits and Clamps. 25. Thermal Modeling and Heat Sinking.

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29 Jun 1992
Abstract: A class of zero voltage transition (ZVT) power converters is proposed in which both the transistor and the rectifier operate with zero voltage switching and are subjected to minimum voltage and current stresses. The boost ZVT-PWM converter is used as an example to illustrate the operation of these converters. A 300 kHz, 600 W ZVT-PWM boost, DC-DC converter, and a 100 kHz, 600 W power factor correction circuit using the ZVT-PWM technique and an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) device were breadboarded to show the operation of the proposed converters. It is shown that the circuit technology greatly improves the converter performance in terms of efficiency, switching noise, and circuit reliability. >

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TL;DR: This work presents the state of the art in the field of regenerative rectifiers with reduced input harmonics and improved power factor, showing that PWM regenerativerectifiers are a highly developed and mature technology with a wide industrial acceptance.
Abstract: New regulations impose more stringent limits on current harmonics injected by power converters that are achieved with pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) rectifiers. In addition, several applications demand the capability of power regeneration to the power supply. This work presents the state of the art in the field of regenerative rectifiers with reduced input harmonics and improved power factor. Regenerative rectifiers are able to deliver energy back from the dc side to the ac power supply. Topologies for single- and three-phase power supplies are considered with their corresponding control strategies. Special attention is given to the application of voltage- and current-source PWM rectifiers in different processes with a power range from a few kilowatts up to several megawatts. This paper shows that PWM regenerative rectifiers are a highly developed and mature technology with a wide industrial acceptance.

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01 Jan 1987
Abstract: Carrier Transport Physics Breakdown Voltage Power Junction Field-Effect Transistors Power Field-Controlled Diodes Power Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors Power MOS-Bipolar Devices New Rectifier Concepts Synopsis References Index

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