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Remote operation

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26 Oct 2009-
Abstract: An autonomous controller for a vehicle. The controller has a processor configured to receive position signals from position sensors and to generate operation control signals defining an updated travel path for the vehicle. The controller has a programmable interface providing communication among the position sensors, the operation control mechanisms, and the processor. The controller is configured to normalize inputs to the processor from the position sensors and to generate compatible operation control signals applied as the inputs to the operation control mechanisms. The processor and the programmable interface define a self-contained unit configurable for operation with a variety of different remote sensors and different remote operation control mechanisms. more

Topics: Remote operation (64%), Control theory (58%), Position sensor (54%)

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Proceedings ArticleDOI: 10.1109/ROBOT.2004.1307175
06 Jul 2004-
Abstract: This work presents a design overview of a novel high DoF (degrees-of-freedom) system being developed for minimally invasive surgery of the throat. The system is designed to allow remote operation of 2-3 tools with high tip dexterity to enable suturing and soft-tissue manipulation while using the patient's mouth as the only entry port. The slave is a 34 DoF unit equipped with three snake-like distal dexterity units for surgical tool manipulation. Each of these units is a multi-backbone snakelike mechanism equipped with a detachable milli parallel manipulator allowing interchangeable tools to be used. The paper presents the outline of the kinematic analysis of the snake-like units and proposes one possible actuation redundancy resolution to allow further downsize scalability while reducing the risk of buckling of the primary backbone of the snake-like units. Finally, The work presents a first early experiment with a prototype of the snake-like unit. more

Topics: Remote operation (51%)

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01 Jul 2004-
Abstract: A system for managing collection of data and remote operation of fielded remote units is disclosed The remote units may be incorporated in automatic meter reading systems, capacitor bank switching systems, power line fault detection units, power recloser units, surveillance systems, railroad switch heaters, or any of a multitude of systems wherein widely scattered devices require monitoring and/or operational commands Each remote unit is provided with a CELLEMETRY™ transceiver, allowing the unit to receive commands from and pass data to a data center via the cellular control channel network and the Internet The data center is organized to provide data related to a particular service to an associated customer user via the Internet, the customer users being utility companies, railroad companies, surveillance companies, and the like Particularly, electrical, gas and water utilities may advantageously utilize Applicant's system for automatic meter reading, prepaid utilities, fault location in 3 phase power, preventative power outage monitoring, and power outage monitoring more

Topics: Remote operation (58%), Automatic meter reading (58%), Recloser (53%) more

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01 May 2001-
Abstract: In a remote operation monitoring system and the like, it is a video processing apparatus capable of intuitively grasping an object operated by an operator and an operation result. The video processing apparatus includes a unit (310, 320, 2104, 2202) for storing information about at least one object displayed on a screen of a display unit; a unit (12, 2105) for designating information about the object; a unit (300, 2201) for searching the store unit based upon the designated information, and for obtaining information within the store unit corresponding to the designated information; and also a unit (20, 2103) for performing a process related to the object based on the obtained information. An operator can readily grasp an object to be operated and a result. more

Topics: Video processing (55%), Information processing (51%), Object (computer science) (51%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1016/S0924-4247(01)00624-0
Abstract: A wireless, passive, remote query sensor platform is presented capable of monitoring the complex permittivity of a surrounding medium, temperature, humidity, and pressure. The sensor is a planar two-dimensional inductor–capacitor circuit, of scaleable-size, that resonates at a characteristic frequency the value of which is dependent upon the parameters of interest. The resonant frequency of the sensor is detected remotely with one or a pair of loop antennas by measuring the impedance or voltage spectrum of the antenna(s), with the environmental parameters of interest then calculated from the measured resonant frequency. The wireless, remote query nature of the platform enables the LC sensor to monitor the environmental conditions from within sealed opaque containers. The paper describes the operational principles, design criteria, illustrative applications, and performance limitations of the sensor platform. more

Topics: Mobile wireless sensor network (60%), Electro-optical sensor (53%), Antenna (radio) (53%) more

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