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Serial communication

About: Serial communication is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 22584 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 147559 citation(s).

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14 Apr 2004
Abstract: The disclosure is directed to a sensor device including processing circuitry, at least one sensor coupled to the processing circuitry, a serial data interface coupled to the processing circuitry and memory responsive to the processing circuitry. The memory includes a static unique identification number. The serial data interface provides access to retrieve the static unique identification number and sensed data measured with the at least one sensor from the memory.

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27 Jan 2005
Abstract: A method and system is provided for programming the digital filter compensation coefficients of a digitally controlled switched mode power supply within a distributed power system. The distributed power system comprises a plurality of point-of-load (POL) regulators each comprising at least one power switch adapted to convey power to a load and a digital controller adapted to control operation of the power switch responsive to a feedback measurement. The digital controller further comprises a digital filter having a transfer function defined by plural filter coefficients. A serial data bus operatively connects each of the plurality of POL regulators. A system controller is connected to the serial data bus and is adapted to communicate digital data to the plurality of POL regulators via the serial data bus. The digital data includes programming data for programming the plural filter coefficients. The system controller further comprises a user interface adapted to receive the programming data therefrom.

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Abstract: A hand-held ultrasound system includes integrated electronics within an ergonomic housing. The electronics includes control circuitry, beamforming and circuitry transducer drive circuitry. The electronics communicate with a host computer using an industry standard high speed serial bus. The ultrasonic imaging system is operable on a standard, commercially available, user computing device without specific hardware modifications, and is adapted to interface with an external application without modification to the ultrasonic imaging system to allow a user to gather ultrasonic data on a standard user computing device such as a PC, and employ the data so gathered via an independent external application without requiring a custom system, expensive hardware modifications, or system rebuilds. An integrated interface program allows such ultrasonic data to be invoked by a variety of such external applications having access to the integrated interface program via a standard, predetermined platform such as visual basic or c++.

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27 Sep 2000
Abstract: A disclosed gaming machine has a plurality of “gaming peripherals,” each communicating with a master gaming controller via a standard peripheral interface such as the USB (Universal Serial Bus). Further, the gaming peripherals employ a standard peripheral controller and one or more specialized “peripheral devices” (e.g., the actual lights, bill validators, ticket printers, etc. that perform the specific functions of the gaming peripherals). Much of the hardware associated with the peripheral controller is identical from one gaming peripheral to the next. Only a portion of the peripheral controller hardware is specific to the different types of gaming peripherals.

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30 Mar 1994
Abstract: A packet data transmission system is used to link a number of remote hand-held data-gathering units such as bar code readers to a central computer which maintains a database management system. Data packets are sent from the remote units by an RF link to intermediate base stations, then sent by the base stations to the central computer by a serial link. Direct sequence spread spectrum modulation is used for the RF link. The remote hand-held units initiate an exchange using RF transmission to and from the base stations, receiving only during a rigid time window following a transmission from the remote unit. The base stations cannot initiate communication to the remote units, but instead send data to the remote units only as part of the exchange.

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