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Sheet metal

About: Sheet metal is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 14302 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 120010 citation(s). The topic is also known as: Tola.
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Abstract: The process of the loss of stability is analysed for sheet metal subjected to biaxial tension when the ratio of the principal stresses 0.5 ⩽ σ 2 /σ 1 ⩽ 1 . The loss of stability manifests itself by a groove running in a direction perpendicular to the larger principal stress. In this groove local strains begin to concentrate gradually. In the initial stage of the process the deepening of the groove is associated with a gradually fading strain in the regions adjacent to the groove. This fading strain attains a certain limiting value e∗. This paper contains both experimental results and a theoretical analysis of the process of the generation of the groove based on anisotropic plasticity theory. The system of equations derived was solved numerically with the aid of a computer, which enabled the limiting strain of the sheet metal to be determined as a function of the following properties of the material: (i) Initial inhomogeneity of the sheet metal, (ii) exponent of the strain-hardening function, (iii) coefficient of normal anisotropy, (iv) initial plastic strain, (v) strain at which the fracture occurs. The results are discussed and the properties are described that influence the drawability of sheet metal used in the stretch-forming process.

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09 Mar 1989-
Abstract: Introduction Metal forming process Analysis and technology in metal forming Plasticity and viscoplasticity Methods of analysis The finite element method (1) The finite element method (2) Plane-strain problems Axisymmetric isothermal forging Steady state processes of extrusion and drawing Sheet metal forming Thermo-viscoplastic analysis Compaction and forging of porous metals Three dimensional problems Preform design in metal forming Solid formulation, comparison of two formulations, and concluding remarks Index.

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Abstract: The production of high strength steel components with desired properties by hot stamping (also called press hardening) requires a profound knowledge and control of the forming procedures. In this way, the final part properties become predictable and adjustable on the basis of the different process parameters and their interaction. In addition to parameters of conventional cold forming, thermal and microstructural parameters complicate the description of mechanical phenomena during hot stamping, which are essential for the explanation of all physical phenomena of this forming method. In this article, the state of the art in the thermal, mechanical, microstructural, and technological fields of hot stamping are reviewed. The investigations of all process sequences, from heating of the blank to hot stamping and subsequent further processes, are described. The survey of existing works has revealed several gaps in the fields of forming-dependent phase transformation, continuous flow behavior during the whole process, correlation between mechanical and geometrical part properties, and industrial application of some advanced processes. The review aims at providing an insight into the forming procedure backgrounds and shows the great potential for further investigations and innovation in the field of hot sheet metal forming.

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01 Jan 1983-
Abstract: 1. Stress and strain 2. Plasticity 3. Strain hardening 4. Plastic instability 5. Temperature and strain-rate dependence 6. Work balance 7. Slab analysis and friction 8. Friction and lubrication 9. Upper-bound analysis 10. Slip-line field analysis 11. Deformation zone geometry 12. Formability 13. Bending 14. Plastic anisotropy 15. Cupping, redrawing and ironing 16. Forming limit diagrams 17. Stamping 18. Hydroforming 19. Other sheet forming operations 20. Formability tests 21. Sheet metal properties.

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01 Jan 2002-
Abstract: Principles of plastic flow theory large strains tensile instability bending membrane analysis of circular shells stretching drawing stretching and drawing steady state forming of cylindrical shells exercises.

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