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Shock (mechanics)

About: Shock (mechanics) is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 30099 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 360212 citation(s). The topic is also known as: shock.
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Abstract: Method is capable of application to structures of any degree of complication, with any relationship between force and displacement, from linear elastic behavior through various degrees of inelastic behavior or plastic response, up to failure; any type of dynamic loading, due to shock or impact, vibration, earthquake, or nuclear blast can be considered; use of high-speed digital computers.

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31 Mar 2002-
Abstract: : Contents: Elements of gas dynamics and classical theory of shock waves; thermal radiation and radiant heat exchange in a medium; thermodynamic properties of gases at high temperatures; shock tubes; absorption and emission of radiation in gases at high temperatures; speed of relaxation processes in gases; structure of front of shock waves in gases; physico-chemical kinetics in hydrodynamic processes; light phenomena in shock waves and during strong explosion in air; thermal waves; shock waves in solids; certain self-similar processes in gas dynamics.

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TL;DR: This work extends earlier work on the efficient implementation of ENO (essentially non-oscillatory) shock-capturing schemes by providing a new simplified expression for the ENO constructio...
Abstract: In this paper we extend our earlier work on the efficient implementation of ENO (essentially non-oscillatory) shock-capturing schemes. We provide a new simplified expression for the ENO constructio...

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27 Sep 1994-
Abstract: Dynamic Deformation and Waves. Elastic Waves. Plastic Waves. Shock Waves. Shock Waves: Equations of State. Differential Form of Conservation Equations and Numerical Solutions to More Complex Problems. Shock Wave Attenuation, Interaction, and Reflection. Shock Wave-Induced Phase Transformations and Chemical Changes. Explosive-Material Interactions. Detonation. Experimental Techniques: Diagnostic Tools. Experimental Techniques: Methods to Produce Dynamic Deformation. Plastic Deformation at High Strain Rates. Plastic Deformation in Shock Waves. Shear Bands (Thermoplastic Shear Instabilities). Dynamic Fracture. Applications. Indexes.

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