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Single event upset

About: Single event upset is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 1993 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 31949 citation(s).
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Abstract: A novel design technique is proposed for storage elements which are insensitive to radiation-induced single-event upsets. This technique is suitable for implementation in high density ASICs and static RAMs using submicron CMOS technology.

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Abstract: Physical mechanisms responsible for nondestructive single-event effects in digital microelectronics are reviewed, concentrating on silicon MOS devices and integrated circuits. A brief historical overview of single-event effects in space and terrestrial systems is given, and upset mechanisms in dynamic random access memories, static random access memories, and combinational logic are detailed. Techniques for mitigating single-event upset are described, as well as methods for predicting device and circuit single-event response using computer simulations. The impact of technology trends on single-event susceptibility and future areas of concern are explored.

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Abstract: Ground level upsets have been observed in computer systems containing large amounts of random access memory (RAM). Atmospheric neutrons are most likely the major cause of the upsets based on measured data using the Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) neutron beam.

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Abstract: CREME96 is an update of the Cosmic Ray on Micro-Electronics code, a widely-used suite of programs for creating numerical models of the ionizing-radiation environment in near-Earth orbits and for evaluating radiation effects in spacecraft. CREME96, which is now available over the World-Wide Web (WWW) at, has many significant features, including: (1) improved models of the galactic cosmic ray, anomalous cosmic ray, and solar energetic particle ("flare") components of the near-Earth environment; (2) improved geomagnetic transmission calculations; (3) improved nuclear transport routines; (4) improved single-event upset (SEU) calculation techniques, for both proton-induced and direct-ionization-induced SEUs; and (5) an easy-to-use graphical interface, with extensive on-line tutorial information. In this paper we document some of these improvements.

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T. Karnik1, P. Hazucha1
TL;DR: This paper presents radiation particle interactions with silicon, charge collection effects, soft errors, and their effect on VLSI circuits, and discusses the impact of SEUs on system reliability.
Abstract: Radiation-induced single event upsets (SEUs) pose a major challenge for the design of memories and logic circuits in high-performance microprocessors in technologies beyond 90nm. Historically, we have considered power-performance-area trade offs. There is a need to include the soft error rate (SER) as another design parameter. In this paper, we present radiation particle interactions with silicon, charge collection effects, soft errors, and their effect on VLSI circuits. We also discuss the impact of SEUs on system reliability. We describe an accelerated measurement of SERs using a high-intensity neutron beam, the characterization of SERs in sequential logic cells, and technology scaling trends. Finally, some directions for future research are given.

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