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Stratified flow

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George L. Mellor1, Tetsuji Yamada1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Turbulence models centered on hypotheses by Rotta and Kolmogoroff are complex. In the present paper we consider systematic simplifications based on the observation that parameters governing the degree of anisotropy are small. Hopefully, we shall discern a level of complexity which is intuitively attractive and which optimizes computational speed and convenience without unduly sacrificing accuracy. Discussion is focused on density stratified flow due to temperature. However, other dependent variables—such as water vapor and droplet density—can be treated in analogous fashion. It is, in fact, the anticipation of additional physical complexity in modeling turbulent flow fields that partially motivates the interest in an organized process of analytical simplification. For the problem of a planetary boundary layer subject to a diurnally varying surface heat flux or surface temperature, three models of varying complexity have been integrated for 10 days. All of the models incorporate identical empirica... more

Topics: Planetary boundary layer (53%), Stratified flow (51%), Turbulence (51%)

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25 Aug 1995-
Abstract: 1. Background 2. The flow of a homogeneous layer with a free surface 3. Two-layer flows 4. Waves in stratified fluids 5. Stratified flow over two-dimensional obstacles 6. Stratified flow past three-dimensional topography 7. Applications to practical modelling of flow over complex terrain. more

Topics: Stratified flows (81%), Stratified flow (78%), Fluid dynamics (53%) more

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Andrew J. Majda1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 2003-
Abstract: Introduction Some remarkable features of stratified flow Linear and nonlinear instability of stratified flows with strong stratification Rotating shallow water theory Linear and weakly nonlinear theory of dispersive waves with geophysical examples Simplified equations for the dynamics of strongly stratified flow The stratified quasi-geostrophic equations as a singular limit of the rotating Boussinesq equations Introduction to averaging over fast waves for geophysical flows Waves and PDEs for the equatorial atmosphere and ocean Bibliography. more

Topics: Stratified flows (71%), Stratified flow (65%), Boussinesq approximation (water waves) (64%) more

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Douglas K. Lilly1Institutions (1)
Abstract: An analysis is made of Gage's proposal that the horizontal energy spectrum at mesoscale wavelengths is produced by upscale energy transfer through quasi-two-dimensional turbulence. It is suggested that principal sources of such energy can be found in decaying convective clouds and thunderstorm anvil outflows. These are believed to evolve similarly to the wake of a moving body in a stably stratified flow. Following the scale analysis by Riley, Metcalfe and Weissman it is expected that, in the presence of strong stratification, initially three-dimensionally isotropic turbulence divides roughly equally into gravity waves and stratified (quasi-two- dimensional) turbulence. The former then propagates away from the generation region, while the latter propagates in spectral space to larger scales, forming the −5/3 upscale transfer spectrum predicted by Kraichnan. Part of the energy of the stratified turbulence is recycled into three-dimensional turbulence by shearing instability, but the upscale escape ... more

Topics: K-epsilon turbulence model (61%), Stratified flow (59%), Turbulence (54%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1016/S0309-1708(99)00042-1
Abstract: An approximate analytical model was developed to estimate scalar flux footprint in thermally stratified atmospheric surface layer flows. The proposed model was based on a combination of Lagrangian stochastic dispersion model results and dimensional analysis. The main advantage of this model is its ability to analytically relate atmospheric stability, measurement height, and surface roughness length to flux and footprint. Flux estimation by the proposed model was in good agreement with those calculated by detailed Eulerian and Lagrangian models. Measured water vapor fluxes collected along a downwind transect of a transition from a desert to an irrigated potato site were also used to assess the proposed model performance in the field. It was found that the model well reproduced the measured flux evolution with downwind distance. more

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