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Supersymmetric quantum mechanics

About: Supersymmetric quantum mechanics is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 3923 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 131212 citation(s). more


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01 Jan 1965-
Abstract: Au sommaire : 1.The fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics ; 2.The quantum-mechanical law of motion ; 3.Developing the concepts with special examples ; 4.The schrodinger description of quantum mechanics ; 5.Measurements and operators ; 6.The perturbation method in quantum mechanics ; 7.Transition elements ; 8.Harmonic oscillators ; 9.Quantum electrodynamics ; 10.Statistical mechanics ; 11.The variational method ; 12.Other problems in probability. more

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01 Jan 1930-

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01 Jan 1965-
Abstract: The basic concepts of quantum mechanics Energy and momentum Schrodinger's equation Angular momentum Perturbation theory Spin The identity of particles The atom The theory of symmetry Polyatomic molecules Motion in a magnetic field Nuclear structure Elastic collisions Mathematical appendices. more

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J. J. Sakurai, Jim Napolitano1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 1985-
Abstract: Modern Quantum Mechanics is a classic graduate level textbook, covering the main quantum mechanics concepts in a clear, organized and engaging manner. The author, Jun John Sakurai, was a renowned theorist in particle theory. The second edition, revised by Jim Napolitano, introduces topics that extend the text's usefulness into the twenty-first century, such as advanced mathematical techniques associated with quantum mechanical calculations, while at the same time retaining classic developments such as neutron interferometer experiments, Feynman path integrals, correlation measurements, and Bell's inequality. A solution manual for instructors using this textbook can be downloaded from more

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01 Jan 1979-
Topics: Quantum statistical mechanics (73%), Ladder operator (71%), CCR and CAR algebras (70%) more

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